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Substitutes for water in a bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pimpinatatl1, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. What are some substitutes that you can use instead of water for a bong if ujust want a change.
  2. as far as taste you wont really get any difference
    but i love using really warm water
    or really warm unsweet tea
    it makes the hit so smooth, and soothes the throat
  3. could we please use the search function at the top. I swear I've seen about 500 of this exact thread in AP in the time I've been here
  4. Well if you're looking for a change, put any liquid. If you want to be normal, stick with water. Now I only use bottles of Kirkland Signature's finest =]
  5. i wouldnt use anything besides water. THC is soluble in sugar so anything with sugar in it is a no no. use water and get the best results. end of story
  6. I use icecubes. [:
    Works wonders!
  7. My favorite is pure DiHydrogen Monoxide, a little hard to find but is BY FAR the best thing for a bong!
  8. lol at the h2o joke. Anyways, dont substitute water as the THC will not dissolve into it as it will with pretty much every other liquid, ESPECIALLY alcohol. Most liquids, develop very strange tastes like a burnt version of what they would taste like and they are not pleasant at all, at least all the ones I've tried before I came to my senses that water is the best. Icewater is your best friend, always have a bottle ready to pull out of the freezer/fridge, I'd use ice cubes but I have a bub.
  9. my friend told me that he and a few other people used peach tea.
    they said that it tasted like peaches and got them highe
    i called BS
  10. try some milk

  11. lol i wonder if the heat from the smoke would make the milk all nasty?
    i dont think thats a good idea...
  12. Forgive me if I'm wrong but wouldn't warm liquids increase (at the very least not decrease) the heat of the smoke actually causing the smoke to be even worse for you.

    Super heated smoke = especially not good for your lungs.

    Stick with cold water.
  13. what he said ^^
  14. Milk is the worst, don't do it.
  15. Not true. THC is alcohol- and fat-soluble. This automatically disqualifies using milk, because milk is full of fat and you will waste a LOT of THC by pulling the smoke through milk. You can use any liquid that doesn't have fat or alcohol in it.

  16. The milk would get all ashy and it would be disgusting.
  17. lately, i've been using just a splash of mouthwash added to the water. Not too much to dissolve the THC but just enough to make the smoke minty and refreshing. Still gets me good and high with no problem. Just use like maybe a cap-ful (the amount you would use to rinse your mouth) and add it to the bong water. You still taste the flavor but you get a cool menthol-like taste :)
  18. Damn, that sounds like a great idea!! I'm going to try it next time I smoke a bong. :hello:
  19. i've tried tomato juice - looks cool, but not really worth it

    and i've added lots of citric acid to the bongwater - too much needed to get a lemony taste.

    really cold water is best.

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