Substituted urine at Labcorp went slightly wrong need insight

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  1. Hey,

    first time poster here and i'll try to be quick.

    I had to do a pre-employment urine test at labcorp. I knew I wasn't going to pass or get clean in time, so I sneaked in my roommates pee...did the whole hand warmer thing with the sock and the small bottles.

    Everything went fine. put my stuff in a lockbox, made me turn out pockets and show my ankles, got in, poured it in, temp was good. Practice practice practice...jesus its really important to practice so you're comfortable and what not.
    All the paperwork was filled out he even said happy holidays, bye. The technician seemed very apathetic towards his entire work day.

    Then he found one of my hand warmers on the floor in the bathroom, thankfully not the bottle, that was back in my safe spot. But one of the hand warmers managed to slip out onto the floor. Just a little packet of what feels like sand and it is slightly warm.

    I took back the hand warmer and casually responded that I have cold hands...he gave me a slightly than longer look and handed it back. I grabbed the rest of my things and left. Clean sample and all submitted. Given that it wasn't a bottle or anything and my hands are / were cold in the bathroom. Reflecting on the situation is obvious i was behaving a bit suspiciously. At least for next time, i'll be more prepared and calmer knowing how easy it really was.

    Would I likely pass? fail? or inconclusive? or some other excuse to retest me?
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  2. I’m sure they’ve seen all the tricks, dude prob knew what u were doin.
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    Dude it looked suspicious because they searched you then out of nowhere you have hand warmers... U should be fine if they do bring it up in the future just say you get groin pain so you use hand warmers down there as a way to relieve the pain & that's where they come from:confused_2::laughing:

    It sounds stupid but they can't prove you didn't use them for that:laughing:, if they make you retest just do the same thing again with ur friends piss:confused_2:
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  4. It's not yours. You don't even know what it is. You thought you saw some trash on the floor when you went in there, but thought nothing of it. You don't know anything about it and it doesn't concern you.
    You gave them a clean sample, so let the fuckers take fingerprints if they want. But that shit ain't yours and don't let them give it to you.
    The worst that will happen is they might retest you. That's fair.
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  5. I claimed it and took it with me
  6. The best thing to always do unless you know they've seen you with it, is to always deny and never claim ownership of something.
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  7. been in said bathroom for thirty mins guy walks in with nothing comes out with piss. Then in that bathroom they find a handwarmer (here’s the kicker) still hot! On the floor and he sayn it’s not his lol.. u did the right thing op lol
    Atleast u look like a shitty con artist, instead of a strait dumb ass
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  8. Those things stay hot for up to 8 hours... And like you said, nobody's been in there so how do they know the last person did not leave it if nobody checked afterwards?
  9. They do Check afterwards.. how do you think they found his.. lol but hookay
  10. That sounds like some of my screwups. How did you feel when you saw that handwarmer? Did you have this electric feeling of dread shoot thru your body the moment you knew you completely stepped on your dick? That's how I feel whenever I realize I just made a horrible mistake. In high stress situations such as when subbing a urine test we don't always think clearly so when engaging in any kind of monkey business it's always a good idea to take one last look around before leaving just to make sure you didn't leave anything incriminating behind.
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    One guys word against another still don't make it his.
    Let somebody reschedule another test if it means that much.
    Everything was in the OP's favor. He produced a cup of "real piss", believed it to be clean. Let them find something wrong with the sample.
    Now if you just want to bend over and let someone give you something they picked up off the floor, THEN you can decide to own it.
  12. Of course the tester knew it was the op's handwarmer and he knew op was trying to cheat the test but he couldn't prove it until op admitted it was his. The only question now is will the tester let it slide or will he report it?
  13. Why would you tell him it was yours
  14. Look on bright side... it wasn't a probation/parole UA.
    Live and learn.
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  15. Dude handles body fluids for a living better hope he ain’t some super employee who wanna see ppl fail n makes a note of it. If it were me I wouldn’t give a shit I’d stay in my place n just take the bottle off piss.
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  16. Thank you, did you pass when you screwed up?
  17. I didn't screw up the same way you did. When I was taking drugs in bathrooms I would sometimes leave something incriminating behind. I got into the habit of always taking that last look around before exiting the bathroom.
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