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substitute for rolling paper?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by lar20, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. ok well i recently started smoking (over the weekend hehe) and tomarrow i plan on buying a dime from a friend of mine i hear he sells some good mids. however i dont have a peice and cant get any rolling paper =[ (place around here doesnt sell it for some reason lol) so is there anything i can use to smoke with other then a peice possibly a joint with some other kind of paper or any suggestions of a home made pipe?
  2. bible paper yo
  3. lol na jus get a bottle and make a waterfall...search waterfall for directions, theyre a pretty good way to smoke if you aint got nothin better
  4. ^^^Yeah those waterfall bongs made out of bottles work very well
  5. a good substitue for rollin paper is scrape all the foily shit from a gum wrapper and use that. make sure all foil is peeled off. or just make a waterfall bong or apple pipe, search around with the terms, "homemade pipe"
  6. Hammer through the thin "notch" on a sobe bottle gently and carefully. Drill/punch a hole in the top and make a bowl or slide a stem through. By far the easiest and best waterfall/gravity bong you can make.
  7. um one of my friends did this before will it work good. taking a soda can and poking holes in the middle and creasing the can a little so the bud stays there put the bud on top of the holes u made and light it then smoke it out of the top of the soda can (the hole where u normally drink from)
  8. Just get a blunt man. You have to have gas stations wherever you're at.
  9. would u call it a bad smoking experience or just wasnt as good as it was with a regular bowl or blunt or somthin like that? oh and i was also thinking of just taking all of the tabaco outta a ciggerett and putting weed in it instead seems like it would be easy lol
  10. I've used the can method a few times and it is a little harsh but it's still enjoyable
  11. Cigs work if you have nothing else, i do it alot at school when i dont feel like walking to buy a blunt or papers. Just pack it tight enough take the filter out and put a roach back in. If you pack it tight enough it should burn slow, you can pack some tobacco with it too if ya like that
  12. try to make a homemade bong out of a soda bottle. it's really easy and you should have the materials in your house.
  13. Search for waterfall bong / apple pipe. You can make a waterfall in like 2mins. Just burn a hole on the bottom on the side of a 2 liter soda bottle with your lighter, punch a hole in the cap, and stick a socket in there. Done :).
  14. what about an apple? Quick search on here or google and you will find out how to make it. I used to use them all the time and they always did the trick!:hello::smoke:
  15. apple....very easy to make.....plug a hole in the stem for the bowl... then plug a hole in the center for the mouth and on the left of the apple for the carb. make sure all holes are connected to each other ...blow through one of them just to make sure nothings in the tubes....pack a bowl then your set. you can use a pen to make it....


    this is just using house hold items and its very quick and rips nice...i wouldnt go through much if your getting papers or a piece soon.
  16. +rep man someone has to say it haha

    sobe waterfalls are definitely the way to go though :bongin:
  17. Bible paper qft.
    Waterfall bongs are pretty rough. You'll cough I know it.
    But know this. . . your weed goes a LONG way. . .
    And you'll be absolutely geeked out of your mind.
    EDIT: This is what I would do. Waterfall all the way.
  18. well everything worked out sorta. i bought some bud today n shared it with some friends and my friend gave me his really good home made pipe. however the bud sucked =[ it was dry and i hardly saw any hair or thc on it i hardly got a buzz lol i wanted to buy from sombody else with good weed but they said we could get more by gettin this shit lol next time im goin for the good =]
  19. more usually means lower quality for the price. and wlel you cant see the THC just the trics.
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    I thought about this as I was eating a sweet potato today. Potato skins? sounds far-fetched, but idk maybe it could work. Take all the potato out of the skin, dry it out maybe? just throwin that idea out there....:smoke:

    I'm also a fan of apple pipes and water bottle bongs. I don't really have access to a headshop, so homemades are pretty much always used with me and my friends.

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