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  1. Hey GC its been a while since ive been on here. I need to try and find something to replace Neem Seed Meal in my organic soil mix because its hard to source Neem Seed Meal in my area. I been using a soil mix similar to Lumperdawgz. Lumperdawgz if your out there help? Brother Jerry, Chunk, MIWolverine, Wetdog wassup guys.

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    Other than Karanja meal, I assume? lol  Nutritionally, you'll be fine without it if you have an otherwise well-rounded mix.... but if you mean in terms of its ability to help trigger the plant's SAR and for pest management.... neem is probably the best, but there are other things that trigger the plant's SAR: Chitin in crab/lobster/shrimp meal; Aloe vera (not for the soil mix, but foliars); alfalfa meal; liquid silica; fulvic acid; and Poison Oak.  
    Edit: I assume ordering online is out of the question for you?  Neem meal is available affordably online at or
  3. Hi Lion, it's been a long time - hope all is well.

    I don't remember where "local" is for you?

    Might need to just order some as Gandalf suggested...

  4. Thank you gandalf. I want to order from online but the shipping cost to the 808 is really expensive. Thanx Jerry its been a long time and everything  has been great. The medical organic grow is running great because of all the help from you guys especially you, Lumperdawgz2, Chunk. Think Im gonna use alfalfa meal in the soil and foliar with aloe in place of the neem meal. Hey Jerry hows things going on your side? What you guys been experimenting on lately? 
  5. has neem meal and they ship for free to the 808.  They also sell concentrated aloe powder.  For $22 you can make 200 ounces of pure aloe juice.  Using only 1/4 cup a time, you can see how long that would last.

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