Substitute for Canna Boost / Bloombastic?

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  1. Anyone? Come on! I know someone can tell me there's this brand out there with exactly the same ingredients at the fraction of the price...

    Pretty Please... :)
  2. They are both completely different products.

    I replaced canna boost with Uncle Johns Blend from Cutting Edge Solutions. It is 1/5th the cost and I think it does a better job at enhancing turpins and resins.

    I haven't used Bloombastic before because it is outrageously expensive. I do use Advanced Nutrients Big Bud dry at 1g per gallon from days 10 to 30 during bloom to increase flower production. I find this to be a very effective product.

    The gains from bloom enhancers are a percentage gain. If you only have a few hundred watts of lighting then your gains will not be very great. A few extra grams when it is all said and done. The true benefits are available to growers who have a dialed environment and more than adequate lighting. Do not rely on "magic potions" to improve the grow when there are other facets worth addressing.
  3. I agree with above poster. Environment is king, get that in balance and everything comes together.
  4. I like bloombastic, oregeonism, and liquid karma

    I don't like cana boost- lower results compared to cost value
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    Golden Tree...and they guarantee it

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