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Substitute for a pipe screen

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MrLebowski, May 29, 2009.

  1. I'm trying to smoke a kief bowl out my dry piece and have no screen. I tried to take a part of a screen door but it just fell into little wires :(. Ideas for how to pull this off without getting a mouthful of precious kief?
  2. Screen from under faucet
  3. Use the knife method
  4. um hot knife it lol
  5. Good call. I would do the knife but this has to happen in my car, which for some reason lacks a stove ???
  6. whats the knife method?
  7. oh then you can use that or you could cut part of a screen window off and use that
  8. i may be wrong about it but i think you stick 2 knives on a electric stove till they get like super hot and u take some type of small tube and put it in your mouth and you smush whatever u wanna smoke between the hot knives and suck the smoke in through the tube or whatever your using. ive only used hot knifing with oil which is alittle bit different you only need one knife for it but hot knifing does get you pretty blazed lol
  9. just put a little ash in the bottom, or you could use a little bud if you got any. You could put some stem in the bottom and put keif on that, just be careful not to torch it (which you shouldnt do to keif any how) and you wont really smoke the stem, maybe just a slight burn on the outside (which has be some trichs on the outsite anyways).

    be creative, you could use a ton of things...
  10. you can use a pebble if you need too or stems or a lil nug as stated above
  11. I like the stem idea actually, thanks. Shit wait I threw them out yesterday, fuck. I would put bud at the bottom, but you may be able to guess why i'm specifically smoking a kief bowl... hmm ... wait ... oh yeah, no weed :( My friend probably has some spare stems though. Thanks for the advice yall.
  12. yup use a small pebble
  13. pre burn faucet screens
  14. a i pod head phone... break it open and theres like a perfect small little screen and you dont have to fuck with a bunch of sharp ass wires.

  15. noo, do not do that. bad
  16. ^ why is it bad? not saying you're wrong i just never heard that idea before and it sounds brilliant
  17. Its plastic. Burning plastic will give off toxic fumes, which you will inhale if you use it.
  18. The screen on the ipod is metal.
  19. Pebbles work nice. Don't use the concrete type pebbles though, go for the smooth creekish pebbles.
  20. When I smoke kief bowls I use a small peice of bud to block the hole.

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