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Substance abuse evaluation?

Discussion in 'General' started by leddleleedlelee, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. Hey blades,

    I recently have been put on probation. Was sentenced to do some jail time, pay a fine and drug counseling. I saw my PO a couple days ago and he told me he wants me to start it. I have to go in on Wednesday morning for the evaluation. I was gonna get to it when I get my driver license back in August, but I guess I have no choice but to do it now.
    My cellmate(known in high school, but became friends in jail) has to piss twice a week and do hours of counseling every week for a year and half, this is his second offense for weed. Another guy I talked to said "oh maybe you'll do a year, but its up to the counselor". but that dude has been busted for H and kicked out of drug court for multiple violations.
    This is my first offense ever(it was for weed). I passed both my piss tests so far for probation.
    But I need advice on how to bullshit these people. I put on my pre sentence report that I only done weed and alcohol ( even tho I have messed with a couple other unmentionables). I do not want to be caught up with counseling that long. Should I tell them shit like "im done with weed, I don't wanna get in any trouble, its badd for you"(LOL) I need advice from anyone that's been in this situation.
  2. Lol I'd tell them what they wanna hear fuck em you don't belong there
  3. Just put on a front, and stay clean. If your white then you might get let off earlier. Also depends on appearance and how well your doing back into civilian lifestyle. Stable job, own place, ect. Maybe even school?
  4. Honestly EVERY SINGLE PERSON i know that take one of these evaluations it ends up they have a "substance problem" most places that do them also have an IOP program and they wanna collect your insurance money.. its a flawed sysyem, man.
  5. Trippy Profile pic n Sig.
  6. Thank you good sir :smoke:
  7. Yea they tried to hit me with drug court too. I had a delivery though.

    I was gonna go check in but then i was like "catch me if you can like the ginger bread man". If i get pulled over before i switch states i might go to prison :eek:

    But fuck that. They cant strip me of my rights. Im not doing any drug treatment or probation. They can lick my asshole.
  8. Haha yeah well, I fucked myself for signing a waver for extradition. I was thinkin of runnin since all this shit is stupid, gay as hell nd barbaric.
    But then I wouldn't be able to get a driver license anywhere in the US, it'd be hard as hell to find a job. I took the probation deal because they'll drop it from a felony to a misdemeanor when im done.
  9. Thx for replies so far, it looks like, I just needa hope for best And prepare for the worst
  10. Just be clean and be reasonable. Don't just run from problems. Have you seen " I almost got away from it". Crazy stuff, US Marshal's all over your junk.
  11. I hope you didn't tell them much because I swear you have only smoked pot a couple times and you just seemed to be at the wrong place at the wrong time  :bongin:
  12. lolwut? I know a kid who was looking at 16 years on an assault 2. He ran. He got booked in another state. Original state denied to extradite him.

    As long as your crime isnt super high profile or super violent you can switch states. Havent you ever heard someone say we getting money or we runnin from the feds? Thats because the feds are the only ones with real power. You can run all you want. You just gotta make sure you go to a state thats kinda far away so they'll deny extradition. And obviously if you kill someone or theres victims that want to testify they'll extradite.
  13. the substance abuse eval is all BULLLLSHIIIITTT
    it is another money maker for the mini economy made by weed arrest
    how much have u spent so far since ur arrest?
    idk i did well im my eval and the guy still "recommended" that i go for 3 months
    funny how the guy that does the eval is the guy who u gota go for the consulling. paying him $20 per night to watch some antidrug video from the 80/90's
    that is the session. u do it with however many people the guy can cram into his office
    i would go blazed everytime and just get there right at lights out, chill out and watch a video, at the end pay him his $20, he signed my paper, i say thank you have a great night and hes like takecare
    yea he knew lol
    but he got paid

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