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  1. say i took a suboxone yesterday. how long should i wait til it wears off and i can take a real opiate? i never take suboxone, it was just something random yesterday.. how long til the blocker shit wears off tho?
  2. this belongs in pandora's, but i mean 24 hours is long enough to get at least 80% of the opiate effects, wait a lil longer if u really want to get high

    i've taken suboxone and then shot dope 6 hours later n still got high
  3. thanks.. you sure? ill remember for next time bout where this shouldve been posted. danks mon
  4. yup.. for opiate addicts your supposed to take suboxone every 8 hours, so the effects start to wear down after 8 hours

    so 24 hours u'll still get basically the full effect
  5. see i never got these.. i got the vivitrol shot straight outta rehab.. they gave me suboxone while i was in there but i didnt feel anything then
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