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  1. i just got one and wondering if its really one line and your good for a while? thats what ive been hearing and wondering if it's true?
  2. Never heard of it..
  3. Makes alot of people throw up.
  4. True. But if you're experienced with opiates...yes, 1-2mg will have you feeling good (snorted) or you can eat it but it lasts longer and you need more.
  5. oh god.
    i puked hardcore of subbies once.
    idk if you enjoy opiates go for it.
  6. if you dont use opiates alot and its an 8, split it into quarters or you probably wont enjoy it

    it will probably make you puke

    also let it disolve under your tongue, dont sniff it

    whatever you do, dont even think about banging it
    it will be the worst mistake ever

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