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  1. I want to try suboxone.

    how is it,does it get you nodding,and will a 8mg pill be enough to fuck someone up with a low to medieum tolerance to opaites?
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    dont try suboxone dude, save that shit till you need them. they werent made to be used recreationally. from reading your posts i know your not inexperienced and you know what your doing, so use your head and make this decision for yourself. all suboxone will do for you usint it recreationally in the end, is make things harder for you. suboxone is a very strong drug, its your choice in the end, but i think it would be a smarter choice just to stick with something your used to.
    just my .02 that turned into a little more because im high and rambling. sorry about the long post.

  3. its all good bro,you don't have to apologize for a long post.I'm just wondering if its worth it to buy a couple.
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    A while ago when we no longer had any connection for heroin or any opiates that are worth it, myself and two friends took one 8mg Suboxone pill and chopped it to powder, divided it up into 3 lines slightly longer than one inch per person. Snorted, waited about 45-60 minutes...

    That one line had me (and everyone else) nodding hard for about 15 hours. I'm talking semi-conscious, completely fucked up in every respect. Typical opiate euphoria and sedation to an extreme degree. I threw up no less than 4 or 5 times during that 15 hour period, too. Very strong opiate, and works phenomenally if you don't have a very high tolerance to opiates or are not an fairly heavy user.

    So yes, 8mg will fuck you up 4 times. 2mg is enough to get the effects I experienced.

  5. hmm sounds like something i want to try.
  6. I can't vouch for snorting them but eating an 8 def had me nodding for 2 days, into the third. It came on after a couple hours and I could barely keep my eyes open. I would nod off doing normal things, like fucking standing up! It made it really hard to piss and I once nodded off while I was trying to take a piss (standing up). I was still really feeling it the next day, as in was still nodding, and could still feel the effects on the third day (after 2 nights sleep).
  7. Noddin on half an 8 as we speak =)
  8. shit i wish i could nod on a half or a whole 8. i take 24mgs of suboxone daily, and other then keep me straight i get no nod or euphoria at all. if i take an extra one, for 32mg's i feel pretty good and if i smoke dope, even better. still nowhere near nodding though. fucking tolerance sucks, but being able to hold down a job and live normally takes priority.

  9. ya,that sucks Ive been reading some experiences on erowid,and some people get sick eating an 1/8 of the pill lol.shit must be strong,i really want to try it.but hey at least you got your head on straight.

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