suboxone, snorting it

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by KundaliniRising, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. Ok, if I snort some of this pill, is it gonna send me into withdrawl. Apparently it wont, as there was a couple dumbasses in detox a few months ago who somehowh managed to snort their dose, and its supposed to give a nice little buzz. Then again, they gave us a buncha other shit to help withdrawls too

    So, any opiate addicts have experience snorting suboxone? I'm gagging just thinking of that orange tang powder going up my nose into the back of my throat, but if it'll make me feel a lil buzz I'm willing to deal with it I guess. Im fucking fiending for a nod and to just feel relaxed, anxiety is through the roof.

    Oh, I took half a pill at like 4 and it didn't cause any precipitated withdrawls since I didn't get high today, so thats probably some important info.
  2. Fuck it I just took the other half, I hate puttin shit (pills particularly) up my nose, it's just unpleasant, and I wanna be able to breathe when I sleep. I got 3 more, n a whole script coming tomorrow, so I got time to decide. I shouldn't be thinking about trying to get high on the shit anyway, I went to the doc to STOP getting high.

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