Subox Died, Which Replacement?

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  1. For some crazy reason my Kanger Subox mini has began firing on its own. I cant leave a tank hooked up or it cooks all the juice out even though the mod is turned off. Tank is not leaking at all.

    I liked it when it was working but have decided to replace the mod and tank.

    In the short time I have had my Subox the game has changed quite a bit in terms of available mods. What would you guy suggest for a mod/tank setup? So far I am looking at a crown or tfv4 tank and possibly a siegli or smok box. Mainly looking at the 100w - 200w options in order to make sure I can fire any tank I want. A rebuildable deck is a must for the tank.
  2. I got a crown with a fuchai 200w. Real good pair. It's nice to have a rebuild able deck but also have the option to go lazy and buy coils.

    Fuchai is great. Finish rubs off quick and fire button isn't the smoothest but for $50 I'll use it till it breaks and buy another.

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