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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Solar Being, May 5, 2011.

  1. not worth my time.

    even on their FB page, i wrote one paragraph on their wall about the truth of marijuana... it was blocked, and im banned from their wall :smoke:
  2. I submitted the name George Washington and in the story section i put:George Washington (read: his slaves) grew hemp on his farm. Some people believe he used marijuana to help his chronic tooth aches. He also supposedly preferred his hemp pipe over alcohol and loved how it smelled. :laughing:
    It's true!got it found this site:12 Presidents Who Allegedly Smoked Weed | Politics

    hehe :D
  3. My story:

    "My friend started smoking pot a while back, it was really bugging me. I was concerned for his health and have tried many times telling him to stop. Eventually I got through to him, he only smokes the dank stuff now. He's doing so much better now, and he seems to be enjoying himself more. Hope this helps any teens who are stuck with low quality bud, its a vicious cycle...
    I don't smoke weed myself, because i know it is the work of the devil. I also know that one puff will make me hopelessly addicted and I will die sad and alone."

  4. Niceeee
  5. Here's my story:

    When I found out my best friend smoked weed once, I was devastated. Weed is the worst drug in existence, It makes Mexicans jump the border and kill people after smoking it. It also inspires the Devil's music and it makes white women sleep with black men. All this must be true or Harry J. Anslinger wouldn't have said these things when he was trying to outlaw Marijuana in the 30s. I told my friend about all these negative side effects and he decided that the risk of turning into a blood thirsty Mexican that listens to the Devil's music wasn't worth all the positive things you can gain from weed. He hasn't smoked since and we've started an anti-pot club at our school that fabricates random facts about Marijuana that are intended to terrify young people so they will never experiment with a harmless drug that can open doors to your mind that are otherwise unattainable.
  6. I'd just end up telling them to 'fuck off' at some point, probably on the end of a 'knock knock' joke.
  7. reading some of these stories are retarded lol....

    just read this one:

    "My boyfriend was addicted to pot for a long time and I decided to break up with him. But then I thought that if I break up with him, who will he have to take care of him? I decided to stay with him, and help him. He has been drug-free for three years, and I thank God everyday for saving him. "
  8. This one is ridiculous:

    My brother was getting banged-up every night last summer and started drinking in the morning because he would feel so bad in the morning. He looked awful while he was drinking and looked twice as bad in the morning. One night, we busted out the video camera and videotaped him. We showed him the video of how banged-up he was one night and I threatened to put the video on YouTube and show my parents, his teachers, and his girlfriend. He was so worried about the bad rep that he never got banged-up again. Whatever it takes to make it happen!

    TLDR? Blackmail your family! That solves your problems AND encourages bonding!
  9. Lets see if they post it..

    Back in my freshman year in high school my best buddy was dealing with many emotional, and physical problems. He was suffering from anxiety, insomina, depression, and chronic pains in his back. So one day he came to my with a really serious face, and explained how how he was dealing with all of these issues. So I said give me a minute, went into my house and rolled up a nice big joint and took it outside lit it and passed it to him. He enjoyed it and felt serious relief from all of the above symptoms. He's now in college and that kid no longer suffers from any of those conditions. I explained my friends problem, how I help, and how he's doing better, please do not delete this.
  10. I smoked Marijuana this one time and got really high. I ended up going over to the house of thus kid I liked. I was kinda punk/goth girl and he was this nerdy orchestra guy. I saw him play at this concert and because I was high and transfixed on how wonderfully handsome he was I just showed up at his house stoned and ready to make bad decisions.
    He answered the door and looked at me confused. He had been eating diner and like so many 16 year old north American males he ate alone. Judging by his breath and a bit of cheese on his apricot shaped lips, it was Mac n cheese. He was the type to have that lonely meal in front of his computer playing some incomprehensible video game. I immediately imagined him furiously masturbating to some kinky porn that he feels self loathing and guilty about after he is spent and without hesitation I pushed past him and muttered something about his room.
    He half led and half followed while asking me gently if I was okay, as if afraid I would take offense and suddenly leave. He stopped once to stick his head in a room that I assumed was a bathroom because the minty smell of whatever he quietly swished in his mouth wafted up the hallway, causing my nostrils to flare.
    He didn't see me pinching my nipples under my blouse while I took my coat and boots off. He rushed around hiding dirty clothes and magazines from me. I told him I was really high and needed chill music. He put on some Lord of the Rings soundtrack and I almost pissed myself laughing. He smiled at me while cleaning a violin case and some books off a desk chair for me.
    I quickly moved towards him and took him by the arms. My face was inches from his "Look, M______, I'm really horny and high. I like your skin and you have amazing eyes. The other day in choir I watched you playing Live and Let Die and I want to fuck you. I don't know why but I just do."
    His eyes widen for a moment and I pulled at him to sit in the chair. I strattled him. I began to unbutton my blouse while watching his face change from incredulousness to lust. His hand covered mind and stopped me. He leaned up and look my lower lip into his minty mouth and sucked softly....

    I said my name was Fiji Flotsam
  11. Ooooohhhhh tell me what happened after that tender kiss Fiji.

    Did he help convince you to go to rehab for your marijuana disease/plague?

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