subliminal message

Discussion in 'General' started by hippie john, Aug 30, 2003.


    coincidence? i think not....
  2. hehe

    the leader of a norwegian enviromental organization called "future in our hands" [bad translation, i know] is named Stein Ørnhøy. translated to english, that would read Stone(ed) Eaglehigh


    i bet he smokes too...
  3. yeah, his parents put in a message when he was born, and he has no clue about it.:p
  4. Its like the simpsons YVAN EHT NIOJ.
  5. got no idea what any of you are talking about :p ?
  6. im in the same boat as locus
  7. Says join the navy backwards - although i havent seen it in the simpsons- havent seen all of them.
  8. yeah, and what about the other posts?
  9. Thats true, i have no idea who the people are they are speaking about??....
  10. Wow now only to get that stupid Fanta song out of head.
  11. mothafucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fucking sick.
  12. the first time i saw that i had a heart attack, and when i stood up i realized i had shit myself. everytime i watch it it still makes me jump out of my seat

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