sublime while stoned

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Sublimesun420, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. does anyone else listen to sublime when there stoned? personally i love it and i recomend listening when your baked

    what other music do you listen to if not sublime (i enjoy pink floyd, tool, and ozma as well as sublime.)
  2. Hell yeah man, SUBLIME all the way 40 oz or second hand smoke. Tom petty and AC/DC thats where it's at!!!
  3. tom petty...ill have to listen to him somtime thx :D
  4. yea sublime rocks. if you like sublime you should listen to pepper or long beach dub all stars they are both really good
  5. lbda is practically sublime... but not really. Man I have never listened to sublime while I wasn't stoned, haha it's like the verification that I'm high. Tom petty is great when you're baked, and bob marley too. Anyone hear of ben harper? good music

    edit; spookie daly pride - marshmallow pie.... now thats some strange/funky/weird/"music".... I kinda like that song though
  6. Life is too short, so love the one you got. cause you might get run over or you might get shot. :D
  7. I like a lot of music when i'm stoned/drunk. 311, sublime, and pretty much all classic rock. I have a massive vinal collection in my closet that I always listen to.
  8. Yes ive heard of ben harper, dirt king, and i like his music alot too. Also long beach dub all stars are different to me cause its just not the same without brad. I like bob marley alot too i have all his cds but african herbsman cause i cant find it.

  9. Tool. Good choice.
  10. the Grateful Dead, Sublime, 311, Polaris, Modest Mouse, Pink Floyd, Tool, Bob Marley, Pepper, all good stuff.

  11. I'm not sure where you could mail order it, but I'm sure has it.
  12. thats the first music i got stoned too, it was amzing, the bass was deep, the guitar solos meant so much to me. Yah, anyone else who has listen to SUblime baked knows how soulfoul it is. Then the next mornin to listen to it, it sounds so shallow. Any music sounds good stoned, but sublime is amazing.



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