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  1. I don't know if this has ever been brought up, so im sorry if I missed it...

    Has anyone out there ever called 438-0116 or 438-4836 (Don't Push)?

    I don't know the area code, but I am assuming it is a Long Beach one.

    Would be kind of eerie.

  2. I have alot of Brads old CDs Sublime made. A girl I dated had grandparents that lived next to brad, and i have like 96 unreleased cds. Pretty Dope
  3. that is pretty kick ass man

  4. i saw badfish live once
  5. Are they floating around the internet anywhere or are you sitting on them for yourself?
  6. I've called both, using the Long Beach area yeah neither of them work anymore.
  7. man you would be mine and thousands of other peoples heroes if you uploaded those tracks to the internet!!!
    Please i beg of you!!
  8. 40oz. to freedom one of the greatest albums ever made
  9. would love to hear more sublime....if u got those tapes sell em or post em so we can hear it
  10. I signed up just to try n hit this guy up but his accounts inactive :(

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