Sublime Hidden Gems

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  1. I mean seriously, theres some live shit, unreleased shit, cover shit, crazy shit. Some stuff you havent ever heard. This is Bradley in his prime.
  2. You should download a sublime discography torrent, sooo much epic shit.
  3. Yeah, im about to raid ThePirateBay for all its worth. But i wanted to get some knowledge out to some of those less fortunate.
  4. you got punk, ska and that half time reggae
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    Miles from Slightly Stoopid wrote this song while he was in high school and Brad thought it was a good song. They recorded a version together which can be heard on the original cut of Slightly Stoopid's first LP with Brad playing bass.]

    This is a chance to hear all versions of the song.

    Original Slightly Stoopid and Brad on bass guitar:
    [ame=""]YouTube - slightly stoopid prophet marley medly[/ame]

    Bradley's Version (early Sublime):

    [ame=""]YouTube - Sublime - Ain't No Prophet[/ame]

    Slightly Stoopid ( Miles live):
    [ame=""]YouTube - Slightly Stoopid - Prophet[/ame]

    Thats like 15 yearsa of sonwriting and shit...
  6. Genius. I love Sublime.
  7. Any of you guys hear about the recent shows Sublime has played and is about to play. Bud and Eric are playing shows with some guy, Rome, playing guitar under the name Sublime.

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