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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by EmoKid, Jun 16, 2003.

  1. Hey guys anyone who likes sublime, go check out the band Pepper. They are a great band and have a similar sound and i just wanted to get their name out.
  2. or..... you could listen to LBDA ( long beach dub allstars) wich is basically sublime w/o bradley......


    Listen to Slightly stoopid... Basically same chill an easy gowin flows as Sublime...

    I'll have ta check out the band you posted about though.... always up to listen to new things....
  3. I love Sublime and LBDA (RIP Brad). I'll have to check out Pepper and Slightly Stoopid. I'd heard of slightly stoopid somewhere before, but didn't know what kind of music they made.
  4. HUGE Sublime fan here. I was introduced to them about 4 years ago when I had an american dorm-mate at boarding school :D And that band totally put the idea into my head that I should try weed!

    Now look at me!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA.
  5. check out bargain music as well, I think you would dig em :)
  6. Yes Sublime does kick ass, I've never heard of any of those other bands. I will have to check those out.
    I'm glad that I was one of the privalaged ones to see sublime live befor Bradley died, it was a great show

  7. Pepper is the shit man! Stone Love sounds so nice when you're blazed, especially the bass line. good post!
  8. Slightly Stoopid are one of the best bands ever. Pepper are also very cool
  9. i love of my fav bands, deff fav reggae band :)
  10. sublime is quite possibly the best band ever.
    lbda kicks some major ass, and slightly stoopid is pretty good too, ill have to check out pepper
  11. i am a fucking huge sublime fan. love them too much. i will have to check out that other band. thanks.
  12. some folks think that smokin herb
    is a crime.
    if they catch you smoking,
    they're bound to
    drop the dime.

    i'm in the mood get readdyy..
  13. My Idea of heaven involves some of woody's weed, (hehe) and all the sublime and bob marley music i can handle. they go hand and hand like lamb and tunafish.
  14. heh :)

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