Sublime. Bradley <3

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  1. Ok so Sublime.

    My favorite band. Saw Bud and Brad About 2 months before brad died :(

    Ok so I posted this thread to get people to start socializing about a band that went from good to great to legendary. I'm just scared people are going to forget there way of life.

    The ultimate chill.

    So post away about songs lyrics all that giddy stuff :p

    * recommendation listen to : Garden Grove RIGHT NOW! :D
  2. Boss DJ is a badass tune. And theres a track he does with Gwen Stefani from back in the day thats a pretty nutty listen.
  3. I saw red ft. Gwen

    you know it man :p
  4. Yea Saw Red is awesome, It's also on Second Hand Smoke which is such an awesome album with some great remixes and a few new songs. The Uptown Dub Doin' Time is so funky and jazzy I love it.
  5. there's probably a million Sublime threads...but yaaaaaaa

    Sublime roxxorz!!1
  6. Yup , anyone see them live before?

    Doin time Remixes are usually always fresh.
  7. Nothing as had as big an influence on my life as sublime. BEST MUSIC EVER
  8. Me either bro.

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