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  1. at school today :rolleyes: as a result i had a very amusing but still slightly annoying time with an officer of the law and an assistant principle and thought i would share with you guys.

    a cop and a handful of assistant principles barged into the classroom unannounced and demanded everyone take their backpacks and purses and stand in the hall. hands out of pockets. i had trouble keeping calm. and rightfully so, i had a friend's gram on me and about a half a g that was mine. also a pipe with a metal bowl and a couple lighters.

    when my back was facing the authority figures, i quickly grabbed the most incriminating objects in pockets (the bud, the pipe) and shoved them in my bra. whew :(

    in the hall i heard the beeping of a metal detector and started to sweat even more because i was afraid they would dectect the metal bowl and i know they have no problem asking you to lift your bra through your shirt and give it a good shake. i got lucky though.

    they wanded me down and found my brand new torch lighter :mad: they then searched my backpack (glad i chose the small pipe over the homemade water bottle bong to bring today :eek: ) and sent me to the office. there i was harassed by an AP and a cop for half an hour. i felt like i was inside (it's already known to them that i'm a pothead), i was bombarded with inane comments about how i was ruining my life and "my smile" :confused:
    i dared them to give me a logical, valid, irrefutable reason to stop smoking bud.
    they mentioned that my grades have recently declined and that must be due to the fact that weed makes you incapable of finding the motivation to do anything. i aruged that i've been an honor roll student since the start of high school and only now is "senioritis" kicking in plus the two grades that dropped from a's to c's are in the two classes that i DESPISE but am required to take. i told them that their problem was that they are taking the one thing that they know about me, which is that i smoke pot, and they have it set in their minds that because i smoke pot i must think a certain way, act a certain way, and will have a certain set of problems in my life. but those are just not true for everyone. they need to learn to recognize when someone has a problem and when someone is responsible about a hobby that SHOULD be perfectly acceptable. they wouldn't hear any of it :(

    AP: you see!? you are so smart, you already make good grades. just think how well you would be doing if you didn't kill all those brain cells on a daily basis.
    ME: actually, sir, it doesn't kill your brain cells... :rolleyes:
    COP: who told you that? high times magazine?
    ME: :mad: who told you it did? the propaganda commercials you see on tv?

    they compared alcohol to weed, saying that if i were to be caught with alcohol i would not go jail because it is not illegal and the opposite is true for weed.
    ME:dont give me that. that is a direct consequence of prohibition, not a consequence of engaging in the mostly harmless act of smoking weed.

    refuted. ha! :smoke:

    then they bring up how unhealthy smoking is and how it's putting harmful chemicals into the air. i reply that because of the legality of marijuana, i am reluctant to invest in an expensive vaporizer or cook with my weed very often because that requires that you use a larger amount. i also say to them "yes, so you don't drive a car. you also have the healthiest diet in the world, right? you frequent a doctor's office for complete physical exams, mri's, x-rays, blood tests, too, right? and you've never in your life put yourself in harm's way, officer? it's a part of living to do unhealthy things to your body!" i know that doesn't justify it, it just kind of nullifies that argument. no one can be 100% healthy all the time; they choose to eat fast food, i choose to smoke bud.

    they asked me to name one good thing that comes out of smoking weed, i quickly replied "well for one, helps my creativity. you know how i like to write. secondly, it's a pretty effective pain reliever. it also has taught me much about about life and society, using my brain and doing what's right, believe it or not"
    i think i put up an impressive argument, i got the cop to admit that i was an exception to what he believes is an "average druggie"

    more snippets of the conversation that i can barely recall:

    OFFICER: *picks up my torch lighter* you know what these lighters are for? *makes hand motions so that it appears he is hitting a pipe* with these lighters the flame doesn't burn their fingers so they can smoke out of a pipe with it.
    ME: no way man! those make your bud burn up WAY too fast!
    AP: hahahahaha
    ME: those are cigar lighters.
    AP: cigars filled with what!?
    ME: tobacco, you silly.
    AP: traci i think you mistake the weed leaves for the tobacco leaves.
    ((refering to the time i got called in for sketching a pot leaf on my desk, i was joshin around with them and told them "no, no! that's a tobacco leaf!"))

    COP: you know what, it breaks my heart to see these young kids today thinking that doing drugs is cool and not unhealthy. right now you say smoking a few joints is perfectly fine, in a couple years you'll be saying "oh, it's just three little lines of coke. it's not gonna hurt me"
    ME: sir....*sigh* right now you say that one glazed donut wont make me fat. but pretty soon you'll be saying that two really isn't much worse. and then guess what? you'll be eating a big ol box full of chocolate covered, creamed stuffed donuts a day. now, do you see how silly that sounds?
    *cop stares at me blankly*

    ADD- oh yeah! the happy ending! because i was so slick and did such a good job keeping the dank out of the hands of the bad people, my friend (owner of the g) smoked me out after school and invited me to join him and his brother in their journey to buy a piece tomorrow. :D

    --peace and nugs, gc.
  2. Interesting story. I enjoyed reading it :)

    Fuck though, that would piss me off if authority figures charged into my classroom and just did a "random" search.
  3. Wow. Thats smooth. Id probably be too scared to think straight.Nice job. :hello:
  4. I smoked a bowl during the read. Nice read. Thanks ;)
  5. good story jello. good thinkin with the bra move, even though you were lucky as hell the metal didnt set it off.

    haha that story made me laugh when u were talking to the cops :smoke: you have been having a lot of good stories lately.....keep it up:D
  6. enjoyed every moment, you are very bright, if i was in the situation i woulda gone to jail cause im halfway retarded, VERY nice to the cops, but never smart enough to outsmart them sadly enough. HAHA nice escape jello.
  7. This is one awesome story. Totally enjoyed reading it.

    You're fucking smooth. Keep up the good work!
  8. excellent. good wit.
  9. haha that part about the donuts had me rollin! you did great! +rep for sure!
  10. +Rep, Good storie.

    I didnt know you were a female either.

    But shit, If cops busted in my class like that soon as they turned around i'd make a run for it. Fuck that, They aient doing no unlawful search and seize on me.
  11. awesome :smoking:
  12. Wow, very smooth. I'm just glad that they weren't allowed to do random searches when I was in high school or else I coulda been caught. Good story
  13. haha i wish i could talk like you

  14. I wish I had breats so I could hide my stuff iniside the bra too. Jk lol.
  15. for a woman u have some huge balls sayin that
  16. :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: you go girl!

    -did that sound gay?
  17. Haha. Awesome story.
  18. Great story. Had me laughin'.
  19. haha, i hate stop and searches.those london "youths" get searched alll the time. especialy me, im 19, but i look about 13. sometimes police are cool, and just say "oh it stinks of weed in here" and i just nod or something. and they go..(say im in a hut in a park). but even on the street, they will stop you, and search u, do a name check.take your weed or grinder if u have one,ask u why u have rizla.if im out on a dialy basic i have to stash little amounts i have, very suddenly when alerted.and most time, they just appear to quick and im fucked.
  20. if my school tried to pull a random search on me id probably just tell them to fuck theirselves and the cop in our school cant search you, only security yeah id just be like PEACE and leave

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