subject: what the best nutrients?

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  1. what best nutrients that you use for your plants from seedling to harvest?
    how did you use them?

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  2. You are going to get 100 answers. Truth is, nutrients are what they are. Everyone has a favorite and everyone thinks theirs is the best. You want to PM me and answer a few questions, I will get you on track. I've been growing since 1978, have used almost every product on the market, have test grown nutrients for the past 17 years, have written feeding schedules for 4 lines, and have experience with hydro(DWC, RDWC, Ebb N Flow, Recirculating Under Current, Aero Jet, Aero Flow, Flood N Drain), as well as all types of soil/soiless bases. I refuse to argue on here, so if you want honest unbiased info to help in your selection feel free to PM me.
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  3. Yes that is very true. I have one done one other grow that had surprising success but used fox farm hydro nutes and I feel like they were just too strong for hyrdo. I'm probably going to go with Original Hyrdoponics 3-part system and keep it very simple. I prefer less chemicals or as all natural as I can get yknow? A flush is also very very important, I didn't flush long enough last time, and paid for it in taste. So this time I'm doing even more research and looking into new methods, sticking to some of what I know (DWC, hydraton clay balls, HPS lights with gull wing reflectors, I am starting with MH this time though.

    I am also considering the Dutchmasters line of nutes but they're more expensive and probably because of name brands. @eromsissel is there anyway you could read my thread about the grow i am getting started? i am ordering seeds this weekend and will be ordering supplies every two weeks after that until i have more than what i need. It is my dream to have someone knowledgable and wise to pass on their priceless information to me and make the best grower I can be. I'm a quick learner, the help would be invaluable, greatly appreciated, and would not go to waste. Your mentoring would take me to the level I plan on achieving this go around.
  4. The one(s) that cost the least and grow nice yielding plants. There are far to many different ways to manage plant care to tell you what nutrients are the best. For example... you can feed throughout your grow, or create a well rounded mix that would only need to be watered throughout your entire grow.
  5. What have you good personal experience with? The foxfarm hydro nutes worked wonders, especially the powdered additives; saw major fruit growth with those. after that op closed I had lots of nutes left so I've been using them for years on all my fruit trees and veggies around the house and I think they work great for soil. I also picked up some General Organics Big Box kind of mix box and have used those all over the yard for years. I am considering General Hydroponics because of my success with their soil line and other users experience. Foxfarm is just too hot for me if thats the term i'm looking for and Dutchmasters if twice as expensive for the namebrand
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  6. I hope you are ordering through American seed sources. There are some good distributors right here in the US that offer fair pricing and fast shipping. I'm unsure of GC's policies on links, so PM me and I will give you some good soruces for American seed distributors. As for nutrients, chemical salts can be unstable. They are typically shipped via distributors, and are often stored properly by the distributor but not by the shipping agent. More often than not they are subjected to cold/hot temps depending on season. As for flushing, leaching the soil often is not enough for a decent flush. You want the plant to use the stored elements, so you are not really flushing them out. You also do not want to flood the root system, this will cause a short period of shock and the last thing you want late in flowering is a shut down in the plant system b/c then you are not accomplishing anything. I know people will argue that, but in my experience flooding the root zone creates a brief slow down and shock like effect to the plant. Good nutrients which are primarily organic, but are kind of expensive are Vegametrix, General Organics, Nector
    I would not suggest Dutch Masters. Even after revamping the line, they are still very watered down and ar enot cost effective.
    Nutrient companies are touchy, so I will not go into my knowledge on the open forum. Synthetic nutrients are pretty much the same, read the label and mixing ratios, this will give you an idea of the concentration. Honestly if you need more than 8-10ml per gl it is watered down crap IMHO. I personally prefer a good soil/coco base amended with microbes and a light feeding so your starters from seed, and/or your freshly rooted cuts do not burn up. I presently use a mix of 20% Rice Hulls, 30% Roots Organic original soil, and 50% Canna Coco amended with some Nitro Guano, Modern Microbes, and oyster shell flour topping it off with a well aged and composted mulch. Personally, for soil I feel you cannot beat Roots Organic, but you will need the Soul Synthetics(Soul is Roots organic's synthetic line all made by Aurora) Amino's, and I would suggest using Guano Co. Liquid Budswell in weeks 5 & 6 of flower. For Synthetics, you cannot beat Cutting Edge Solutions, but I would suggest using either Botanicare's Cal/Mag plus or Calimagic from Gen. Hydro for I feel CES is a tad pricey on the cal and mag suppliments. Another good synthetic is Rock Nutrients, 4 products is all you need and although expensive if you look at concentration you will notice a liter of Rock will out last most gl's of other synthetic lines. Nectar For The Gods is 95% organic and although pricey, gets you results without losing quality, same with Vegametrix and General Organics. For seeds, I would hope you are using an American distributor. If you ar enot aware of whats avgailable for American distributors please PM me, I'm unsure of GC's policy for links so I would prefer to send them via PM. Hope this helps.
  7. Homegrown organic soil.

    No muss, no fuss. Reuse it over and over. No checking PPM's. No checking or adjusting pH. Keep moist every few days with tap water. Super inexpensive. Super effective. No flushing.

    My .02c.

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  8. "Nectar For The Gods is 95% organic"

    Isn't a product either organic - or not?

  9. Brawndo!
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  10. That is definitely what my plants crave! Electolytes!

    Then I switched to General Hydroponics. They're much happier now..

    Be kind. Perfect your craft. Give more than you take. We are family.
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  11. With toilet water?
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  12. Well, pH balanced toilet water.

    Be kind. Perfect your craft. Give more than you take. We are family.
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  13. tomato tone. 5 cups to 32 quarts of soil. Germ to harvest (and a few secret ingredients just to make the grower feel good.)
  14. tried to pm you but couldnt, dunno if your still on here but i could use some help with nutes for my rdwc, thanks.
  15. Can u pm me?couse i cant.

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