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Subcools new supersoil mix

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by GanjaTech, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. Ive been going through forums trying to nail down the proper ingredients for sub's new supersoil mix(2012) Ive been noticing when people post the new recipe they are adding Rock Phosphate to the ingredient list.
    I think the original list has rock phosphate omitted.. but yet people have been using it in there list.
    So my question is.. do i add rock phosphate or do i omit it?
  2. TGA Subcool..
    I realize there are many soil recipes.. this year im following subcools supersoil mix. i just need to know if rock phosphate is an ingredient in the new mix. I don't want to over due the nutrients
  3. Rock phosphate is great to have in ur mix i use it myself. It has longterm phosphorus and also does a beautiful thing which is hold high N sources in the soil as opposed to them gassingoff into ammonia when breaking down normally so it keepsit where it belongs so ur plants can use it.
  4. I believe sub uses soft rock phosphate
  5. Doesn't anyone make their own soil mixes anymore? It used to be fun talking about soil mixes, things have gotten extremely boring lately regarding that topic...
  6. Agreed.

    Awe man I have to compost? Awe man raising worms? Awe man my plants never looked better?

    I have a shit ton of cheese for all this wine ;)
  7. making your own soil is much better than using subcool's mix. let things compost and "cook" for awhile.

    a buddy of mine tried making his mix once. needless to say it was a miserable failure for him.

    i tried telling the dude that layering things isnt a good idea :rolleyes:
  8. Mixing soils are easy!

    Three things
    Base mix
    Amendment mix
    Rock dust mix

    They typically make shit so confusing 5 pounds of this crap, 10 pounds of that crap. You don't need all of that crap. The most important ingredient is the compost, preferably EWC and always find the highest quality! ALWAYS!!!

  9. i tried telling the dude that layering things isnt a good idea

    Like "spiking"? Lol

    Lawdy lawdy lawdy.

  10. I won't be using subcools commercial soil, but will be making it myself and storing the soil for 2 months before use.

    what do you mean when you say layering isn't a good idea? when making the soil or layering the soil within the pot?
  11. It means that layering is counter intuitive to how a plant uses nutrients. Just mix everything and the plant will take what it needs when it needs it
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    Well I mixed up a batch of subcool's supersoil in my opinion its a great way to learn about organic methods at low cost. It doesn't mean that its the alpha and omega of soils but it's a pretty solid mix to have under your belt. As I learn the benefits of organic nutrients and amendments, I will apply them as needed but, I'm not the type that wants to waste good beans on a bs experimental soil mix. I have a green thumb but I don't get this major satisfaction from creating soil mixtures. To each its own... Ganja Tech go for it!!! You will be pleased with your end results and thats the end goal. The commercial TGA super soil is good stuff as well! Make sure you use the mycorrhizae when transplanting!
  13. Wait a little bit....

    When I manage to get off my ass and start my journal, might start getting fun again.....the laundry list of amendments alone should be interesting to see.
  14. Don't tease.
  15. I'm not. :rolleyes:

    Just got busy this week. I plan on posting it up this weekend, but to give you a hint of whats to come...

    Alfalfa Meal
    Kelp Meal
    Indonesian Bat Guano
    Jamaican Bat Guano
    Comfrey Leaf
    Nettle Leaf
    Yarrow Leaf and Flower
    Yucca Root Powder
    Karanja Meal
    Crab Shell Meal
    aZomite (granular)
    Oyster Shell Powder
    Neem Meal
    Fish Meal
    Fish Bone Meal
    Glacial Rock Dust
    Basalt Rock Dust
    4 types of EWC (Roots Organic, Northern Lakes Castings, KIS EWC, Homemade)
    CoM Penobscot, Schootic and Quoddy compost blends
    KIS Fungal Compost
    Gro - Stones (porous silica)
    Pro Mix BX
    Washed Coco Coir

    and a couple things I can't recall atm...

    Should be fun. :D
  16. CoM junky! I am in for that!

    check my thread I posted some of the new products they are offering this season, some of them look pretty damn good.

    Little side note ; I was picking up supplies @ Hoes and I walked by the gardening section only to hear this FINE young little redhead call MG crap and say she only uses CoM, man if only I wasn't married lol
  17. Yeah, I'm pretty psyched for this run. Waiting on some money, then I'll be upgrading from 3 to 5/6K watts in the flower room (depends on if I need another AC right now).

    I have to stop, save my rants for my journal.

    But at least you had some nice scenery while shopping for greenery (supplies). :rolleyes:
  18. I started with Subcools' super soil mix. Works pretty darn well. Good place to start as far as mixing your own soils go. After a while though I have modified it some. He def uses rock phosphate. I know that now you can buy it in bags, but I think that would be a waste of money.
  19. rock phosphate is great if you compost it in nastily wet compost for at least a year before using it.

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