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  1. O.K... So I got my beans about a month ago.. ( the single seed centre ) went with Lemonator, Early Blueberry, Romulan Diesel, Grape God, Dynamite, and the Island Sweet Skunk... This will be my 6th fall grow.. I ran the fox farm in soil in the past I love the yield I would get when I ran all the nutes. But when I gave my girls nothing but the big bloom the smoke was smooth and nice with good oil production but with very low yield..Iam hoping to find a balance of quality and production with the soil mix. My plan is to start the girls in mid may then trans plant them into the finishing pots the second week of July . I went with Amazon Bloom as my base for the mix and fallowed the rest to the T. I made the choice on the base because it has similar nutrients to what I added , also it's heaver than the Roots Mix and the Fox Farm. Iam hoping to retain more moisture since I'll be using smart pots. The mix has been sitting in garbage cans for three weeks now. Once I get going I'll post pic.s I am hoping to keep this thread going till post harvest ... I have yet to come across a grow report on the mix and strains used in conjunction on an outdoor grow. Wish me luck ..
  2. I am up for suggestions on start time on the beans and the size of smart pot to use.
  3. What are smart pots?
  4. Smart potts air prune the roots their airated...
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    What latitude and elevation are you in/at? IMO, I would use at least a #25 Smart Pot for your outdoor grow. Outdoors, the bigger the better.........if you give them more room for roots, you'll have more shoots.

    As for starting the beans, that would depend on the geographical location you are in. Myself, I would start the beans indoors and let them establish a root system under lights. Then you could sex the plants, and cull the males.

    I would plant them after last frost for your area. An almanac is a big help for this. I would also use the almanac to figure out the approximate amount of daylight hours for the planting date. For example, if the last frost in your area is around 4/20 :D, and there is 16 hours of daylight on that particular day......set your indoor lighting schedule so that your plants are getting that amount of light for a couple of weeks before putting them into the ground.

    I've seen people (my brother LMAO) keep their plants indoors under 24/0 lighting and then put the plants outdoors into 16 (or so) hours of daylight only to have the plants try to flower. Needless to say, it will screw up a good portion of your summer grow while the plant's hormones get straightened out.

    Starting them indoors (if you can) will give you a major jump on the grow season, especially if you live in the Northern latitudes........if you're above the 45th parallel it is especially helpful.

    Hope I've been of help and good luck for a successful summer grow.


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  6. Thanks chuck !
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    Bro. Pics?
    Im using amazon bloom for my base too. I added a few other key ingredients, and my plants are doing great.

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