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Subbing with urine from a diabetic

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tkf832, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. Hi everyone. New to the forums here. Been smoking high grade for bout two months and will be clean for about 10 days when I need to take test for employment at a lab. Not feeling safe using my own urine. It says drug10 on the sheet I have so I'm guessing it's a 10 panel. My dad has offered his urine for me to use but he is diabetic so the question is will the lab be able to tell? Not sure if specific gravity or creatinine lvl would be different from a normal person. He is on some meds by he takes care of himself. Doesn't let diabetes get bad. I really need this job so any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Just mention you're diabetic before testing or don't say anything at all unless they bring up finding anything on the test from his medications. Depending on what he's taking they should know what's legal and what's not.
  3. I thought of telling them I'm diabetic if they brought it up. But I wouldn't have any prescriptions for me as I'm not diabetic. Although I very well may be borderline having itlol I don't have health insurance to find out for sure. Thanks for the reply

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  4. I'm headin you wouldn't have to show them anything. I also think prescription bottles and medical records are confidential. They are a testing company, you mentioning it would just be a heads up, they'd have no grounds to ask for proof. Not exactly sure if that's true though :smoke: good luck.
  5. Figured I'd update. Took the test today and passed. No questions about meds or nothing. Never even mentioned I was diabetic

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  6. Ayyyyyyeeee congratulations
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  7. Just sub with synthetic, it works fine.

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