Subaru owners!

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by thcrezin, Jan 17, 2009.

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    Theres gotta be some of you out there!!! :devious:


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    nice sooby. i drove my friends 05 sti and had a blast. we had so much fun in it, the clutch started slipping 2 weeks after he bought it.

    p.s. ill pull :D
  3. there so much fun when it snows. i love cars. there should be an automotive sub category on the forum
  4. since this thread started on my birthday I have to reply! just moved to colorado last year and needed awd, I now have an outback 3.0R with ski rack and bike rack - love it!!
  5. I wish, but alas, I am poor
  6. my dad owned an 86 gl wagon that died with over 250 thow miles on it(only cuz the guy we sold it to ran it out of oil:rolleyes:). That was the car I drove when I first got my license. comfy as fuck, peeled out really good:D, and an AWESOME snow car....just fuckin' cozy. I have an intense love for subaru gls wagons.

    my buddy had a 3.3 l subaru fucking car.
  7. I LOVE my car in the snow. AWD + TURBO = SEX IN THE SNOW
  8. Picked up my 04 wrx wgn about 3 months ago, I love this thing to death.


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