Sub-standard ducting :-(

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by hot_tokes, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. So i just took delivery of my new ducting and installed it....only to find that the light shines through the foil walls of aforementioned ducting :mad:

    I am fucking praying that it's strong enough to keep ambient light (of which, there isnt much come lights out) from getting in.....bastard!

    some bad feedback going his way....or is this a normal thing? My first grow so fuck knows :confused:
  2. Do you mean that light actually shines through the walls of the ducting or just through the ducting tube? If it's tunneling through the ducting, meaning not shining through walls, you can spray paint flat black to help knock down reflection through your ducting. Good luck.

  3. yeah, its shining through the walls :mad: it was supposed to be double layered light proof ducting....bastard!

    Think it may have to be the insulated stuff from now on :(

    As for my problem...when its lights out, the only light in my room is from my pc, and thats pretty dim. The intake is at the back of my closet, low down and close to the wall, so any ambient light is very very small....I'll be ok wont i?
  4. Sux on the ducting dude. Can you spray the inside flat black?
  5. You could either pick up some better ducting, try painting it black to see if that helps, or buy something to wrap the ducting to stop light from passing through. Those would be my suggestions of the top of my head.
  6. So its safe to say that noone else has shitty ducting that lets light through?
    Just my luck to get stitched :mad:

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