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Sub Soltuion Urine Powder and LabCorp (September 2017)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SurpdaDurp, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Sorry for long post most of the important info is of paragraph five and six.

    First off just wanted to thank this form for all the information it provided regarding Sub Solution as well as the drug testing process in general. Reading some forms really made me confident that I would be able to get threw this. So here is my experience using Sub solution urine powder being tested by LabCorp.

    I just graduated collage and have been on the job hunt for almost 4 months now and finally ladened something I was looking for. As with any relatively large company they required a background check and drug screening. Thats when I started to do research on the whole detox and urine science and came to the conclusion that if I did get the job I would just use sub solution due to the fact that I didnt want to put my body under so much stress trying to detox and it is still not a full guarantee that one would pass.

    So after the interview process a day or two went by and I got a call saying I got the job and that they need a drug screening within seven days of accepting the job, I accepted immediately during that phone conversation, this was on Monday. As soon as I got off the phone I ordered Sub Solution from and it arrived in three days of placing the order (Wednesday). So I had two days to figure out how lab corp tested and how I was going to go about this whole ordeal. After doing research many people say that LabCorp tested closed door with no supervision, this gave me a sense of comfort as the delivery would be simple.

    Friday came around the last day to take the test and after one day of getting used to the feel of the bottle and the heat capacity of water I felt like I was ready, this is what I did.

    I woke up and opened only one hand warmer from the pack and shook it up, while that was heating up I took a shower (7:00 AM). Now since I still live with my parents and cant just microwave or boil random pots of water in the middle of breakfast I said screw it and just turned up the water to as high as it could go and just filled the sub solution bottle with the shower water. I had a waterproof IR thermometer that I got from radio shack (RIP radio shack) with me and it read 104 F. Thats fine as I need it hot till I get to the lab and the thermostrip read 102 F. After I got out I grabbed some rubber bands and stuck the hand warmer to the sub solution bottle, pocketed the other unopend hand warmer, my IR thermometer, some medical tape, and my car keys and off I was to LabCorp. In the car I was checking the sub solution bottle as frequently as I could and I noticed the temperature drop to 96 F and I was not even half way to the lab yet the time was around 8:05 AM, it seems like these hand warmers have a boom and trickle becoming cooler over time. So I opened the other hand warmer and stuck it on the other side but not blocking the thermostrip as well as taped the bottle to an AC vent in my car and turned on the heat. After 30 mins and being pretty close to LabCorp I decided to check it again and it read 108 F, way to hot for the lab so I took the bottle off the vent and took off the newer hand warmer and kept the old one on and hung out in the parking lot waiting for the temp to drop. After a couple mins I took another reading with the IR sensor and it read 100 F same with the thermostrip so in the car I tapped it to my thigh with the medical tape and went in.

    At LabCorp the secretary was pretty nice and just told me to giver her the lab confirmation number provided by my employer, so I did and sat down. After I'd say around 15 mins I was called up and they told me that all I need to do is take a urine sample and showed me to the bathroom. In the bathroom the nurse asked for the things in my pocket and placed them in a lock box and locked it. As she left the bathroom she told me to not flush the toilet and do not use the sink and closed the door behind her. In the toilet bowl there was a blue dye and the sink faucets were all tapped up. I unzipped my jeans and placed the sub solution a little over the desired line indicated on the specimen cup and drained the rest into the toilet and then also pissed in the toilet just in case, idk what the blue dye is so I provided some of my own piss a very small amount. Being afraid that the temp might be too low I did the whole thing rather quickly and walked out of the bathroom and handed her sample and she immediately checked for the temp. She told me I was good to go and that I would hear back from my employer in 1-2 days.

    It took three days and I got an email from my employer saying that I passed the drug screening and that I was good to start. It was an awesome feeling and Im glad it is over with. Sorry for the long post I just wanted to share my experience, I felt obligated since this site gave me a lot of info. The thermometer really helped, I didnt use the heating powder because I didnt want to contaminate the sub solution idk I just didnt like the concept and didnt know the heating powder tendencies. Hopefully this helps some people who are in the same predicament that I was in.

    All the best,

  2. I posted this on an old thread just now, but thought I’d post it here too, since I just took my test using this in November 2017, so here it goes...

    Yet another win for Sub-Solution! I’m now truly a believer. I purchased this product after I received a hefty corporate job offer that required a LabCorp urine drug screen prior to starting the position. I had only 48 hours to take the test and immediately began researching online to find an option that worked. After reading literally hundreds of reviews on different products and methods, I settled on Sub-Solution.

    It was sent overnight and arrived the next afternoon. Though I was very nervous about substituting my pee, especially at LabCorp, as a daily smoker I really didn’t have any other choice and went for it. I followed the directions and went in and provided my “sample”. Almost week went by while I sat at home, biting my nails waiting for my results. Then it happened. I received the call from my potential employer, congratulating me and welcoming me to the team! I can say from first hand experience that this stuff actually works! I just received my second order which I’ll be keeping on hand just in case I’m popped with a random test.

    Worth noting: I highly recommend you bring a digital thermometer (one like you put under your tongue and take your temp with when sick) and the vial of warming additive along with you to test and adjust the temp of your “sample” just before going in so that you can ensure the mixture is within the proper temperature range when you provide it to the lab. That worked wonders for me, as the temp strip isn’t nearly as accurate as the lab will be when you hand it to them. I used the stash belt they sell on their site as well, and wore it under my boxers to hide the fake pee when I went in for the test, which worked like a charm and kept it concealed and nestled nicely up under my junk. Do the same and there will be no need to worry.

    Also, I’d recommend quietly unscrewing the cap off of the bottle and pouring it into the sample jar instead of trying to squirt it out of the little pop out spout they provide. When I used the spout, it made some funny vacuum noises while I was trying to fill the cup in the very quiet room. That could have been disastrous if I hadn’t coughed to cover the gurgle from the tech that was standing at the door listening and waiting. Haha! In any case, if they accept the sample, you’re sure to pass!

    Happy toking, everyone!

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