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    Hey guys, new to the 'city, been lurking for a gooood while though. Finally getting right down to it and posting a documented grow, with an exciting cause: recreational marijuana was legalized in Colorado very recently! This means that up to 6 plants with 2 in flower is, well, totally cool! So that inspired me...

    I shared a 12-plant HPS soil grow with a buddy a while back, learned a lot, so I'm calling this my 2nd go at it, and the first I'll be serious about. This round is all about budget and continuity, trying to avoid dispensaries and the soon-to-be-taxed rec market.

    Cabinet: 19x36x54h, modest but plenty for a personal supply
    Lights: CFL, 6x 2700k 23w (may increase to 8x and/or add 6500k)
    Plants: 3x (for now) unknown bagseed, picked as the 3 that germed from a LOT of bagseed.
    Medium: Current: Organic potting soil (local) in 4.5" pots
    Nutes: soon, more than likely DynaMax system (pending decision to DWC or stay soil for now)
    Training: SCROG planned, details tbd

    Things to come:

    I plan to make this a DWC setup once I've got this going strong and am able to clone/obtain clones to do a a thick SCROG ideally filling out the box. There's PLENTY of room in there, and I could also have a veg/flower separation when we get to that point. I might instead skip ahead and take these 3(?) down the hydro route, we'll just have to see.

    The entire project currently sits around $60 spent, with several little bits coming from around the house. The complete DWC system I've dreamed up will probably bring me right up to my $100 budget. (budget won't include nutes and/or soil, expendables)

    Pics show lights, the first sprout (only one's come up so far, but the other two germinated successfully before being planted. #1 just got a few days head start) and about half of the cabinet. It really feels huge after reading the micro-grow forum.

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    So I left off of the journal basically since the first week... forgive me as I try to catch things up in just a few posts and pictures.

    Early weeks:
    Growth of the first sprout rolled on through the first 3 weeks, and unfortunately she became the only survivor shortly thereafter. Of all the seeds I started with, only one really took root.

    Towards the 3rd week the lowest 2 leaves started yellowing... (see 3rd pic) -probably a soil deficiency, but I wasn't able to do anything for it at the time. Ignored for the time being, with environment changes to come.

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    Deep Water!

    Week 4, I went ahead with the one plant and built a DWC 5-gallon bucket system, with 2 airstones and a 5L net pot. Pics here show her one last time looking pretty rough before the transplant. I really waited too long. The next picture shows how much better things were looking only a few days after getting in the bucket! The final picture shows another week of veg growth, at an almost double rate and scale.

    Nutrients are very simple, Fox Farms Grow Big and Big Blooms. Grow big is a hydro-specific fertilizer that provides all the basics, as well as critical micro-nutrients. Big Blooms is added to help the root culture develop and stay healthy. I do a mathematical PPM when mixing fertilizer, so things will start roughly in the right place using a cautious 50% of the scheduled ratios.

    Budget (expendables aside) rides at $90, still game! Nutrients were a little more, $40 for enough of the 3-part to last a LONG time at this rate. Rather impressed how simple things have been with preparation and basic equipment.

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  4. Roots on roots on roots!

    Here's a series of pictures between the last update and now, showing the legendary DWC root explosion! I was really amazed at how fast things changed in one light period. Noticeable increases in fan leaf and top growth, and HUGE root gains! I'd say the plant is pretty happy.

    A quick bonus shot of a Headband bagseed we attempted, but growth quickly stunted. Not sure exactly what happened, it just never made roots?

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    Flowering soon!

    Week 7 now, still vegging at 18/6 and just did a full reservoir change as well as implementing a full brew of Big Blooms, Grow Big, and Tiger Bloom; the Fox Farm 3-piece. I have yet to measure or balance anything, just balancing via mathematical PPM (only works on a full res, can't check it or anything) and taking a rough suggestion from the FF schedule at 60%.

    In about a week or two I'll switch to 12/12 and the full-on Tiger Bloom/Big Bloom flowering mix. Hopefully by introducing a higher PK mix in this transition phase will minimize any stress on the root system. Big Blooms is added to nourish root cultures and help our little microbial buddies. It's the only organic part of the feeding schedule, and does almost nothing to N/P/K ratios.

    Pictures here are current and show pretty big veg growth, including lots of girth at the stem.

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