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  1. Any of you heard "Good Times" by Styles P? I love that song.
  2. nah havent heard it........i heard his album is ehhhhhhhh.......he did come off dope though on the my life song though soundbombing three was a huge huge disappointment
  3. DAMN i be hearing bout that fool everywhere yo! strait up i nevah heard of him thou eye feel salty what is he mainstream (obviously not i nevah hear of him lol) but i mean i kno he raps he had this one high song i downloaded on accident but wassup??

    GROWW ONN-peace o u t
  4. styles was in the lox jus for everyones information
  5. i saw him in perform up at a club I went to last sunday..I think he's hookin up with ruff ryders...Knocturnal, Dj Quik, DMX, and some other guys..Styles drank half a bottle of vodka in like 3 seconds right before he went on stage.
  6. lol i bet he was just trying to surpress tha stage fright with a lil of grandpas tonic lol but damn the lox werent they like tupacs side kicks n wat not?? damn i dint kno that!!

    GROWW ONN-peace o u t
  7. man he kept a straight face and everything, if I tried to jug half a bottle of vodka i'd be throwin up for hours.

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