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Stuttering stops after smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheChronick, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. I'm not sure whether this thread is for this forum, but i've got a mate who stutters ALOT when he talks, it's pretty bad tbh, the thing is after he smokes, even if it's not alot, his stuttering will stop like that, until his high wears off. I was wondering whether anyone knew if there's any chemical in the weed or reason that this happens after he smokes?
  2. The weed is laced
  3. I stutter a little bit, it happens to me because I'm trying to think of what to say next as I'm in the process of already talking and sometimes I just fuck up and stutter. When your friend is high, he's probably not thinking ahead, he's just talking. Idk how to describe it better lol.
  4. Never heard of this happening before, yet another helping hand from the beautiful Mary
  5. YES! Happens to me also, I do not know why but ever since I was a little kid I used to stutter a bit, I think its because of lack of self confidence. Whatever it is after I smoke a nice J I can talk normally probably because I have no fucks to give at that point in time.
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    I used to stutter a lot long time ago.Whenever I smoked I just stopped thinking and just go ahead and fluently talked.I think it's because all the pressure is gone off yourself and stuttering just won't give you any problem's.
  7. i got a friend who's exactly the same way. no stutter at all when stoned but stutters kinda bad when sober
  8. Lots of people with stutters can sing perfectly normal, it's just something to do with what systems of the brain and nervous system are being activated and used I imagine, singing there is very little thought going into it it is very autonomous, the same thing or something similar is probably occurring when they are high.
  9. I stutter a lil too, and yeah weed helps me reduce it. Especially if it's dank though, I don't know why but bad weed makes my mind "foggy" and it doesn't help as much.
  10. It's cus he is relaxed when he is high... Let's see if granny has some science shit lol

    Same shit happen to my friend when I first start smoking a longggg time ago.
  11. i have a slight stutter also just because i talk before i even think of what to say and weed helps me too

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