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  1. What Strains are easy growing that doesnt require much light?summer is almost over and I want to know about any year round strains,anyway let me know
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    where do you live, i can give you a recommendation on what to grow depending on if your north or south.
    Wow im an idiot, well try to find an indica/sativa mix. they will probably finish flowering in late october if you start now maybe even a little later. The plants will die if you are in north cali due to freezing. Also their is no weed that can be grown year round, they bud up and then the plant dies once it reaches full maturation.
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    What about in the central US?

    Afghan? I was definitely looking for an indica/satvia mx...
  4. your going to need something that can beat the first frost, either a pure indica or a lowryder cross.
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    MJ is an ANNUAL plant. Sprouts in the spring and dies off in the autumn. There are NO year round strains. You can force a plant into continual vegetative growth using lights, but this is the outdoor forum.
    And all MJ strains do best with as much light as you can give them. Do some reading.
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    I am going to try to grow next spring, until then I am just going to read a lot...

    So a purely indica strain would suit the mid-west best?
    Are there any purely indica strains that are very insect and disease resistant?

    I have heard negative things about the lowryder strain...
  7. Don't know how to say this nicely, but here it goes...

    Anybody who tries to plant after July is retarded.:)
  8. Well, if you live in southern california you're not that retarded.
  9. Plenty of them about, asking IS IT TOO LATE? Oh I´ve done it anyway.

    My favourite strain is white widow, which is indica dominant.

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