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Stupidest thing I ever did

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NowaPolska, Jun 10, 2003.

  1. Today my dealer/friend are sitting in lunch and he turns to me and says:

    "I really wanna get stonned, you wanna get stonned *My name here*"?-him

    "Youre kidding right"-Me

    "No, we can use your mountain dew can"-him

    "Me, sure then"-me

    So we head out side and smoke a bowl, but theres a janitor on a lawn mower getting closser and we arent that stonned yet. So we move across the street and gointo this apple orchid. We smoke again and right after we finnish this bowl, A truck starts to come towards and we start walking away real fast. I look back and the fucking thing has stopped and I think "oh shit hes comming around" but he didn't. So we get back to lunch and chill. I was walking around stonned for half the school day.

    Just got home, still a little fucked yp.
  2. why's that stupid?
  3. How old are you?

  4. like every one here im 18 years old, ofcourse.

    May favorite number in the world is 16

    The stopid thing was how skecthy of a spot we picked and my eyes were fucking BLOODSHOT, i mean damn they were so red and droopy.
  5. ya smoking at school isnt exactly the smartest thing in the world. I almost did today too. I went into the bathroom and some guy I had never even seen before says to me hey man you smoke bud and i was like why do you ask and he was like wanna match bowls, and i told him i dont carry weed on me and he was like well ill smoke yuo out, so we went to a residential area near by and started talknig to some people and before we knew it it was almost time for class again. so we didnt smoke, but it wasnt even at school so it wasnt all that retarded.
  6. thats all i did in high school. we had this place called "the hole" that we used to always go to during school and smoke. it was this bush that coverd up a hole in a wall that we would sit in a clam bake. then when i turned 16 i got a car so we would just drive around in my car and get high, then go back to school. its no big deal.
  7. i used to be stoned every day at college. i'd get into college, go to the smoking area and be really fucked within half an hour. it was great for my Film Studies lessons :D
  8. its not bad going to school stoned or going some where during school and smoking, its just smoking at school on the campus in plain site which is ludacris.
  9. LOL

    fine choice of wording...favorite # is

    anyway, yea, I smoked in schoo a few times...very stupid for me..but eh I was bored :p
  10. in my high school if you leave in the middle of the school day you will get writtin up, theres video cameras out the ass and they know when you go outside.
  11. Overgrowray: Sucks for you. My high school was hella chill. The security guards were all stoners and you could leave campus during any free period (well, sort of.) I smoked weed at school on occassion, but never like every day.
  12. i dont smoke up AT SCHOOL but i go to school high all the time, i cant remember the last time i have been sobber in my period 6th class

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