Stupidest shit you've done

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  1. What are some things that you've done and that you look back on and think "man, I didn't think that through at all"? I'm not talking about shit you did when you were 9, but more in teens and above, and I'm not talking about stupid shit that you did to fuck people over either. Just lighthearted mistakes that we can laugh at

    As for me, I guess there's a few. Once I was driving with my girlfriend and we found a mattress laying in the road. I was like 17 and I was like "I'm gonna run that shit over", which seemed like a fun idea. It wasn't until I was about 2 feet from it that I realized it was a bad idea but it was too late. Hit that shit and ran up on it, jammed my car up, and slid down the road a little due to the speed we had. It was stuck under the car in the road for like an hour and all I could do was keep trying to drive off it but it was stuck pretty good haha. I ended up finally shredding the shit out of it enough that I could get off of it, and the whole time I'm like "I hope this shit doesn't catch fire" >.>

    Then another time I lit a bottle rocket in my room '_-.. After it lit I was like "Oh fuck, what the fuck do I do?" so I grabbed a nearby sock and stuck it in that. It shot around the room, blew up, and caught the sock on fire and burnt a huge ass hole in the carpet.
  2. the dumbest thing i have ever done...

    not joining this forum soon enough!:gc_rocks:

    but seriously...ill come up with something by the end of the night
  3. I once took a shit at a public pool and threw it at the wall. I can't believe I actually grabbed my own turd log and threw it.
  4. When I smoked too much that I dint know what I was doing.

    My friends told me that I jumped in the air, spinning ike Cinder from Killer Instinct and face-planted the sand in the beach. Guess what? I whited-out and don't remember that this happened.
  5. I robbed a church
  6. I threw a party in high school when I completely knew there was a "party patrol" out that weekend (local police have nothing better to do but look for underage drinking) :laughing:

    I got 50 people's funny too look back on now but I was a dumbfuck. that was like 4 years ago tho
  7. I have done a lot of stupid shit in my day. But the dumbest hmm.......

    Prob falling of a 2 1/2 story roof on unmentionables. My knee still clicks and buckles lol
  8. On unmentionables at like one in the afternoon and going up the chipotle register and threw up as I was giving my order. Walked to a chair, threw up again, and then fell on their floor. Next thing I knew my friend was shaking me saying and ambulance is on it's way and helping me sprint away. It definitely wasn't fun but I still think it's funny as hell.

    Set off some dry ice bombs near a busy rode where a cop happened to have gotten shot a couple blocks away 15 minutes ago. They thought somebody else got shot and rolled up with like 4 cop cars and took their guns out. We all sprinted and my dumbass got caught. I just remember being in 7th grade and sitting on a curb with 3 cop cars all around me. A news truck, a firetruck, and an ambulance and being like what the fuck?

    3 cigarette burns on my arm from when I was drunk

    Getting hit by a car on a highway while riding my friends little sisters pink razor scooter. She was so sad when she was what was left of it.

    Tagging a window while a cop was on the other side of it. He was looking through the blinds saying I was face to face with him for like 5 minute and never even saw him.

    I just can't sleep and this is pretty much all of the stupider shit ive done.
  9. After reading some of these replies, I feel pretty damn smart haha
  10. Lets see....

    Shot a marble with a slingshot through my neigbors screen door, same neighbor on 4th of july bottle rockets through the window.

    On unmentionables that grow in the ground went to a haunted house, drove on them, and was playing with matches, we had a fire in the parking lot then left.

    I once was doing naked jumping jacks in a window and my friends mom walked into the hotel room, pretty awkward not too stupid though.

    Stomped on a lightbulb because I though it was the house being on fire, woke up with the glass lodged in my foot. That whole night was full of stupidity though, we had a slip n slide in the kitchen with 2 ground-level windows.

    And my favorite: Kidnapped a Jewish girl, extorted her for $700 that she stole from her parents, drove her through the hood and stopped for a crew that was sellin rock, she was sooo scared, its a long story and wasn't my idea. But, I did steal her bench swing while she was trying to get out of her house (she thought we were going to a party) and set it in the road, that shit was fucked up when we came back.
  11. o_O...
  12. When I was a kid I ran in front of a wheelchair guy in line @ the bus stop because I knew it would take forever for him to get on.
  13. Not worn a condom.
  14. Took too many unmentionables and have never been mentally and physically the same since.
  15. Yea, wasn't my idea lol. Basically she owed my friend (driver) money, and the guy that was with us (drivers friend) was her friend, and told her we were goin to a party. She gave us $60 for food before any of this, then we came back, moved her swings and such.

    The kid in the backseat pulled out a knife at one point, I didn't like him or the girl much and I wasn't worried because hes a pussy. But yea, basically my job was the takin them through where I lived, which to her was like going to Compton.

    Same here
  16. How so if I may ask?
  17. schizophrenic episodes are the shit man.

  18. Live with extreme anxiety, my family disowned me, kicked me out when I was 16, my heart is FUCKED up, have panic attacks daily, can't drink caffeine without having heart palpitations.

    I need to see a doctor :p
  19. I was moderately high and i saw a couple of glass bottles, so i stomped them. Glass shards went through my foot, I was bleeding bad.

    Thank god a couple of friends had clean socks with them (in the middle of the woods).
  20. Rolled a 3rd generation blunt and smoked it by myself. I had such a major head-rush from it. It was epic. I soaked the blunt wrap in hash oil and then rolled it through some kief and then packed it. It was the most intense thing I have ever experienced. I had to have someone come over and help me because I was just so stoned and noone should ever be that stoned.

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