Stupidest shit you ever did as a newbie smoker

Discussion in 'General' started by DoubtfulFire495, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. I'm not talking about acting stupid when high, nothing like that.
    I mean mistakes that are directly mary jane related that, being new to smoking, you didn't realize was bad then but you're kickin' yourself for now. I'll start off!
    A few months into smoking, I was complaining about how dry my bud was (living in New England, the winters are not kind to ganja). A friend of mine showed me a neat tip: wrap your bud in orange peels! It made the nugs nice and moist again but not wet and they even smelled faintly like citrus. His only mistake was showing me this while I was already blasted; he supposedly told me not to leave the peels on for too long but I don't even remember hearing him say it. So I left them there.
    Two weeks later I got my weed out to smoke and noticed it had some white areas, but at the time I just figured it was the strain.  :confused_2:
    It wasn't until a year later that I looked back on my memory and realized it was MOLD. I'm so lucky nothing bad happened because I smoked all that shit, lol.

  2. Any of the multitude of times I smoked in my moms house was the worst mistake I ever made.

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  3. Hit a blunts holding it with 2 hands:huh:

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  4. First bong hit I ever did I barley had any idea what I was doing. My dealer at the time showed me how to use the bong and all that, so I hit it, did what he showed me. Took wayyyyy to big of a hit. Coughed like holy hell for a few minutes and then went outside his garage and threw up. It suckeddd. I had 0 tolerance at the time though so I was ripped off that one hit haha

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  5. thought i could hotbox my room at 15 while my mom went to the store and be ok, had a towel at the door but on the outside lol she came home and saw the towel and smelled it and freaked pretty sure i hid in the bathroom for a good half hour before she left

    I finished that sesh and got baked, just outside though lol
  6. Not personally something I did, however I had a friend who was unfortunate enough to be given a one gram dab with no prior warning (first time dabbing ever) needless to say he was on the floor choking and hurling his guts out. What a dick move on the other guys part
  7. paid waaaaaaaaayyyyy too much for bud.
  8. Got sold a bag of Basile for 60, lost another 60 to a front

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    attempting to light joint with butane torch
  10. Bought a dime sack and I don't even know what I got. First time smoking alone so I went to break up the bud, dumped it out of the sack and it was already finely ground up and I was like wtf, I've never seen it come like this. Tried smoking it and it was so harsh and of course nothing happened, I was pissed but hey it was only 10 bucks.. Another time I was going to by an 1/8th from somebody I didn't know. Stopped on the road, pretty much in the getho, he came to my car and have me the sack and I gave him the 60 and just took off because it was pretty sketchy. I made it down the road, opened the sack and there was like maybe 2 grams of Reggie Shake. I was pissed. I didn't know him or have his number so I called the dude who hooked me up wth him but he didn't do anything.
  11. Being young and dumb, getting busted by the cops :eek:
  12. Rolling in bible paper and orbit gum wrapper and using alcohol in a water pipe
  13. not smoking the bowl all the way lol. i wasnt sure when it was considered finished the first time i smoked on my own, so dumped the bud out of the pipe after like 3 or 4 hits lol.
    another thing when smoking with others, i didnt know proper etiquette and never cornered the bowl, always torched all the green on the first hit.
    Oh god i didn't learn cornering for the longest time and now I do it even when I smoke alone
  15. lmao  me too man, me too. It makes sense to do it by yourself too though.
  16. Sticking my stash in my dirty laundry and having my mother find 2 oz of pot and an ounce of shrooms on laundry day.
  17. Mixing it with tobacco.
  18. Well i couldnt work a lighter when I was new to smoking, does that count?
  19. Smoke weed out of a froot roll up plastic...i know i know pretty fucking retarded.

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  20. I used to always cough into our jank ass can pipes haha. And first time I hit a bong I blew into the top trying to get the rest of the smoke out. Looked like I pissed my pants hahaha

    Everything better with a bag of weed.

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