Stupidest reason to ever be arrested for...ruined my labor day

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  1. Well I am lying, didnt get arrested but I did have 3 cops tell me to get out my car, search me and my car and then put me in the back of the cop car in the middle of a busy ass shopping center while 100 people looked at me like I was a fucking terrorist and waste 2 hours of my life ruining my labor day.

    Me and my bro were chilling in my whip outside this local cafe using they Wifi cuz all they tables were taken (I was gonna buy ma car and my internet was down at the time) so we just blazed one at my crib, chilling listening to music while I search for the car online when I see a cop car pull up behind me, and to make a long story short apparently some punk snitch ass muthafucka thought we were commiting some kind of internet fraud or we were planning to rob cars or sum shit and called the cops.

    I was nervous as fuck at first when they came but I realized we were clean and had nothing in the car so I calmed down and its not illegal to be high and apparently they could not tell (or they didnt care)

    I know who it was tho, some shopkeeper because I remember a guy looked at us weird, all snoopy like and my brother says he thinks he went to the back of our car and wrote down our license plate number.What should I do next time I see him?
  2. Be like WTF dude! I was using the damn wifi! Next time you see someone yousing there computer dont suspect its a terrorist and call the cops fucknuts!"
  3. fist him....
  4. I was thinking about setting him up somewhoe and call the cops on him and sit back and watch the show....just gotta think of a plan...

  5. What if you set him up with the cops, but while the cops are on their way, you jump out and rape him.
  6. its stupid of him to have done that, and hes an asshole. But arent you glad there are people in this world who do care about others and would call for help before there is a victim? Maybe if it wasnt you he saw he would have seen a real theif or scammer and would be therefore aiding in preventing more vicitims of crime. Anyways, thank god you were clean.
  7. lmfao:D
  8. Wow that totally sucks. This is why I hate people.
  9. Hahaha
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    he lied to people of higher power... so you should do the same but 10 times worse. so get his punk trick ass fired. just figure out his name and have friends go to the store and complain that he is a dick to them and is a bad employee
  11. call the cops, rape him, fist him, then splooge in his favorite shoes
  12. Thats shitty......

    Some snitches do it so they can feel important.

    So they look for trouble, and if they see ANYTHING that might even be a city or neighborhood bylaw being broken, they call the fuckin cops on ya.

    I had an old bag for a neighbor that would do that. So right before i moved i went out on the patio while she was out there, took a huge hit off my pipe, an blew the smoke in her face.

    Then left, she called the cops but i was gone when they got back.

  13. dude im siging that !!

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