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  1. I'm gonna sneak my dads harley out of the garage and attempt to ride to my friends tonight. I've never rode a harley, Are they hard to drive? I know how and everything, I just never have. ps its got a screaming eagle engine. so its not slow. I've rode dirt bikes just never a harley.
  2. very stupid. I'd suggest you let your father supervise you on your first harley experience before you steal it for a night. He'll be pissed if you tip it over or something.

    I suggest not trying to show off to your friends, and show up normally.... maybe one day you can steal it with proper knowledge and respect for the bike
  3. I mean I've started it, I move it out to the street,I've rode it in neutral down the driveway and stuff so I'm not gionna tip it, I'm just nervous about giving it gas and it taking off on me,.

    ps I have the knowledge and respect, he just got rid of his old school 49 panhead. I didn't have the balls to ride that. kickstart, rigid, mechanichal breaks.
  4. Well it sounds like you're not 100% comfortable with the bike, so I'd still say no. I don't ride, but I hear you really need to respect the weight and the power of bikes, so be careful. I still stand by allowing your father to properly teach you to ride on surface streets with other traffic...
  5. haha well i am going to give you a no.

    you wouldnt be able to start that thing anywhere near your house either without your dad hearing

    if my kid took my harley out, id beat his ass hardcore, old fashioned parent style:devious:
  6. Plus it's a harley, so it might be difficult to sneak out/back in without waking your pa up ;) And if he's anythinglike me, youc an tell your vehicles engine driving down the street.
  7. My pops works nights and my mom is gonna be sleeping, so I'm gonna take it a few houses away. I'm not worried about that, its riding it
  8. dude, just don't do it. It just wouldnt be worth it.

    If you are that uneasy about it especially.
  9. Get riped and do it hahaha
  10. Haha....don't even think about it.

    A Harley and a dirtbike are several Worlds apart; you won't be able to ride it without wiping it out. Unless you have Supermans legs.
  11. i dont think thats a very smart idea, you should ask your dad to teach you the ins and outs of riding it and then sneak it out when your completely comfortable w/ it and whatnot.

  12. What do you mean? I've seen 12 year old girls riding a sportster, girls and little ass guys ride bikes, I'm the same size as my dad about 6'2 250

    I know how to ride it and everything. I'm taking it today when no1s home
  13. lol you asked for everyones opinion and we all said no,

    and you say your gonna do it anyway.... lol ok,......

    w/e , just be sure you drink alot b4 attempting to ride that bitch, it'll be too hard if your sober.
  14. I plan on smoking a blunt as im riding it.
  15. :laughing:
  16. idk me and my friends have these things with taking our parents vehicles when they dont know about it, it started b4 we could drive we would take the cars at night. then it was we were allowed but didnt have our own cars so we would take them, now its the toys. My friend always takes his dads stingray vette so I gotta take the bike. plus I've kinda been around them my whole life and always wanted to drive one for myself.
  17. dude...bad idea. idk about your parents, but most guy's have a pretty close relationship with their toys. mid life crisis. that kind of thing. we took out my friend's dad's 03' Porsche 911 Cabriolet...well, that beauty ended up totaled. i cried. his dad was not pleased. that was his baby, 2 weeks of ownership, and his son totales it while he's away. you don't want to have that kind of thing on your hands, piffsmoka. plus harley's are far more dangerous. ben rothisburger (sp? impossible i think).
  18. nah my dad isnt like that, the biggest thing that he would be pissed about is that I coulda got hurt while trying to ride it. Hes use to be one of those biker gang guys back in the day and doesn't even ride the biek that much anymore. Hes not really a material person like that.
  19. ya his dad didn't care all that much they just bring it up when they get the is kind of important i think though. do it if you want but those harleys are dangerous to someone whos never ridden a motorcycle before idk if you have experience. riding it around the block is one thing, but on the street, be careful.

  20. what if you lose control and fuck your self up? fuck the bike, think about what could happen man.

    if you do it, make sure you rip that thing screaming down the driveway -- make sure he knows you took it. if you wanna be a badass go all the way.

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