Stupid Stupid Me....

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Cky26K, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. Alright.... me and my buddy were tokin and drinkin on monday (crown royal :)) and i had gotten my hommade bong out to toke. (3. ft) newayz, i got really wasted and i left my bong out. we left for some girls house and i didnt come back to my house til noon tuesday. well, my step-dad (movin out in 3 days) is like "y is ther alcohol missing in the cabinet" and im still wasted... so i say a gnome stole it. then he makes me come upstairs and he asks me wut "this" is... it was my bong... i just kinda sat down and he asked me wut i was doing with it. i said it wasn't mine and that the cats use it to toke on the cat nip.... i dunno y the fuck i decided to say that... lol... doesnt really bother me that he caught me, but i lost my bong. :(
  2. hahahahah a gnome stole it hahahha. just make another one homie if it was homemade
  3. i dont have any more 3 ft tubes.... :(

  4. or you could buy one. they aren't that expensive. just put it away when your done with it. but, anyway, that sucks. everyone makes stupid mistakes. it's crazy, man.

  5. lollercoaster

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