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  1. So I have some Sour Diesel autos that have popped 3 days ago and really? They are between 3-4 inches allready and I have the light (100w cfl) 11 inches above the pots. I plan on transplanting into bigger pots ( I know I shouldn’t with autos ) and my question is what if I bury half of the stretch in soil when transplanting or just transplant normally and prop them up while growing. Thanks

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  2. Bury em when you transplant
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  3. Cfl's should be within inches of the tops of the plants - not 11" - to avoid stretching.
    Definitely bury most of the stems when you transplant and I would get rid of that clear cover thing you have over the plants.
    Good luck and welcome to GC. :)
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  4. The clear thing is a homemade “humidity dome”, I typically us baggies on them during seedling stage. Just a trial that cost 0$
  5. NOTHING wrong with that.....I find it unnecessary...but to each their own:thumbsup:
  6. I use T5s.
    As soon as the first TRUE leaves form, I drop down from six inches to three and a half inches.
    When the plant starts to branch, I drop them down to one and a half inches.

    At three and a half, right now;
    At one and a half right now;
    Hope that helps.
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  7. What spectrum is your veg t5?
  8. 6500 Kelvin.
  9. Pretty clear your stretch is from lack of light intensity. Even in the photos it looks dark.

    You can always remove leaves from the bottom of the stem and bury it up to the first branches. That stem you buried will develop roots on it once buried for a few days.

    I haven't talked about it much but you can also take the opportunity when transplanting to lean the plant over about 45 degrees and basically cause LST/bushing by exposing the lower portions of the plant to good light. Yours are too small for that really but it works well.

    Arrange them all leaning the same direction and they don't run into each other.

    I hope you got a bag of course pure perlite to mix about 15-20% with your soil. Use a fabric pot of some type for better root aeration and elevate the pot out of the drain tray to prevent it soaking up runoff.
  10. ah yes, how long before you switch to other light? I have 6500 t5 and 4000k qb and they are very similar. My vegging under 3000k experiment failed and I gave up. 4000k is as low as I go for veg.
  11. @Talkative
    Hehehe... for a photo-period, I'M THE BOSS; whenever I'm done farting with it, I'll switch over to 3000 Kelvin.
    For an auto-flower, it's the boss; at about 35 days, they start to flower... and I switch color temperatures.
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  12. I have done some experimenting with 3k veg and it's not that bad with LEDS. It depends on strain. If you have a bushy strain it still doesn't stretch much. 4k leds will keep a plant that likes to stretch from doing so though more then a 3k will.
  13. For these mainlined autos I only have 28 days and then plant is topped and veg is over. It is like clockwork under 4000k. Every day that little auto under 3000k would look at me like "What's your big fuckin hurry?!?" It loved it, I didn't.
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