Stupid stories from when you first started smoking?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by nacher7g, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. Back in freshman year there was this rumor that a local dealer had stashed his weed in the woods, like a pound, on a nature trail. Being the idiots we were we were like "omg let's go find it!!!" We called it One Eyed Willy's weed :)

    We never ended up looking, but it's funny thinking back to it.

    Any stupid stories like that drift around when you were a kid?

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  2. There was a rumor that the dealer I usually went to jerked off on his product to make it stickier. It was false, but pretty wild.
    There was another dealer that my friends and I went to when our usual guy was dry or out of town. There was a rumor that this guy kidnapped and ate stray dogs. That one was iffy. We never actually saw him take the dogs, and he didn't own one, yet there was what resembled fur on his furniture, scratches on the bottom of the inside part of his bathroom door, and some pretty suspect bones in his yard. Pretty compelling evidence, if you ask me.
  3. Get your friend to strap a go pro to his head, while wearing a dog costume and bark outside his house on Halloween.
    You'll know for sure!
    Wouldn't do any good now. Dude's been dead for 4 years. :p
  5. We used to rip bong sessions at my friends house during and after school and hot box his room, he loved drinking 7 up and use to empty the bong water in the empty ones.. anyway long story short he ended up chugging the bottle with bong water and yakking up.. man it was hilarious
  6. Only stupid story i can think of when i first started smoking was when we had a friend from school who never smoked yet, so we brought him over we went into the woods and smoked 2 bowls between the 3 of us. After were done we cut through the neighborhood park to go play some smash bros (that was our thing, get stoned, play Smash bros on 64)..but as soon as we get to the park this kid who just smoked for his first time insists he felt like a ninja...not was a Ninja, but felt like one.. but he went around jumping off pic-nic tables and swings making karate noises and sounds. It was kind of funny at first. but then i felt like he was carrying it away.
    ( you know that feeling when you get some one stoned and you feel like hes TRYING to be funny just cause were high, so he turns into some one completely annoying)
  7. Kind of embarrassing but very early in my smoking days I only smoked with my friends who owned a bowl or rolled up I knew nothing about rolling and my friends never told me cause most of them didn't know shit either. Since I didn't own a piece and I didn't want one just in case of it being found I bought papers so I could smoke alone. Then I rolled a laughably bad j and remembered that I saw my friend twist the end of it when he was done so I decided I needed to do that and I tried to smoke it by hitting from the twisted end. A decent amount of weed was wasted that night. I've come a long way since those days though it's been like 5 years
  8. Second time ever smoking we had about 9 g's of some no name dank between the four of us and all I could say was how fucked I was.. I wish I could still get that high... Damn tolerance...
  9. yeah one of my friends was like that all the time probably still is but he used to always every 5-10 minutes ask, "dude on a scale of 1-10 how high are you". Got annoying kinda fast but eh what're you gunna do.

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  10. a few years ago when i first started smoking heavy, my friends & I got the bright idea to go smoke outside in 30 degree weather with a 10 degree wind chill, while smoking inside. We ended up clambaking a port-a-potty after trying to hit a bowl while bending over into a trashcan.
  11. The first time I hit a bong, I accidentally swallowed some smoke and burped it out a full hour later.
  12. Go on Butters, bark!

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  13. A couple months after I started smoking, this girl and I had a brief summer fling. This one night she came over and we drained a sick pack, went on a beer run, and drank the new beers in a nearby park.

    This park is on the south side of a canal that separates Fremont and Queen Anne (for anyone out there who knows Seattle). We sit on a bench and smoke a bowl,

    On the opposite side of the canal some kids in a parking lot were making noise and suddenly a cop car drove in with lights on.

    This girl got super paranoid and insisted that we duck down and hide in the bushes until the cop left. What was he gonna do? SCUBA dive across the water to bust us?

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  14. Lmfao!!! I did the exact same thing!!! I was a a cashier at a supermarket and we had to knock on this lil window to get the float for the til at the start if a shift. I knocked, and just as the window opened I burped and this full cloud of smoke just hit this lady right in the face! The look she gave me was like I had randomly stuck my finger up her bum!

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