Stupid sister.

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    My sister comes in my room when I'm on grass city. She gives me a water BOTTLE (There happy now) and says drink this. I said I don't drink. She said she wants to know if I can taste the alcohol. I'm like I don't care I don't drink. And I give it back to her. The out of no ware she says "I'm drunk" with a I'm so cool smile on her face. I gave her a sarcastic thumbs up and she left.

    For those wondering why I don't drink. I used to but I took 5 shots of pure vodka with no tolerance (I thought it was waterd down) and had a bad time.
  2. cool story bro *sarcastic thumbs up*
  3. you sir are a smart boy

  4. Haha arnt you cool.
  5. How old's your sister? ;)

  6. Haha fuck u (kidding). She's 20. She is home for the summer. I'm 18 almost out of HS.
  7. 5 shots of vodka....:hello:

    i guess its enough to put hair on your vagina
  8. you should've replied with "yeah? well i'm really high, top that!"
  9. lol, ur sister is dumb.
    i too have a low tolerance for the booze so stick to smoking as well.

  10. Good plan.
  11. for people who enjoy drinking dont dis on people who dont just stop cause i have never seen to stoners fight but i see plenty of drunks fight i see plenty of drunk crashes but never high crashes and most of all i see lots of alchohol poisonin but no thc poisoning so yeah weed kicks alchohols ass any day of the week

  12. 1. who was dissing him for not drinking?
    2. <--- see that dot? thats a period. use it.
  13. no offense to your narrow mindedness but i dont care about the english languge as long as my point gets across and if you actually read through the comments you would have noticed that someone called him a girl for only 5 shots of vodka
  14. Buahahahhhahaha!

    You...are...amazing! :D
  15. OMG I can drink SOO much. That makes me cool right?
  16. im drunk. im a fucking badass.

    lol, good choice bro. id rather smoke a nice bowl than drink vodka ANY day of the week. except maybe saturday night.. thats the night you wanna just get fucked up.
  17. you can only handle 5 shots? must of been some fucking everclear
  18. Like he said he has no tolerance.
  19. But your cool if you brag about smoking alot, right?
  20. Nope either way you look like a tool.

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