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  1. So yesterday i was at one of those indian res. smoke shops and they sell pieces at this one.
    So i buy a piece, total rip off, but i needed one bad. So i go outside with my friends and its like, lets break in this baby.
    So we had also just bought cigs and were smoking those before we even pack the new piece, one guy from inside, like 18 maybe, comes out with a bat and is like, "outta here or i'll have to fuck you guys up."
    So my friend walks over to him and is bein all chill and is like "yo, chill we just wanna break in this new--- IS THAT A WIFFLE BALL BAT?? shit dude for real?"
    The guy was like, "shut up and get out of here!"
    We laughed our asses off and finished our cigs, took our good time leavin.
    Fuck that was hilarious.
  2. haaaaha thats some funny shit

    almost makes me feel bad for the little indian dude ( or so my mind imagined him as)

    but then again...

    a whiffle ball bat?
  3. wow what a strange event?
  4. PHAHAHAHAHAHA that shit made my night/morning!

    You shouldnt smoke in the headshops parking lot. You could get them shut down.
  5. ha
    thats funny
  6. Eh, I would have came out with a real baseball bat, and made you get the fuck off the property, things like this do nothing to help stoners only hinder them, your just one more punk the cops see smokeing weed, and ascociate bad shit with weed. Fuck you, fuck off, and Gtfo.
  7. I agree with the other that you shouldnt smoke there, but nonetheless them wiffle ball bats will fuck you up shit stings like a mother fucker
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    Why the fuck would you or your friend think it was a good idea to break in your new piece right in front of the store? Shop owner isn't stupid, you guys are. Get the fuck off his property. And you're an asshole for "taking your time" leaving.

    Maybe the guy was so on edge because he constantly has pricks like you smoking weed in front of his store.
  9. Haha a whiffle ball bat? Thats threatening :rolleyes:

    You probably shouldn't have been smoking weed right in front of the dudes store though, still a funny story though
  10. did any actually care to read the story? he said the guy came out when they were smokin cigs, not blazing the pipe. Crazy indian shopkeepers getting sketched out.

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