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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by threeoftwelve, May 30, 2003.

  1. what's the stupidest, most dumb-assed thing you have done for a bag of weed? I once rode in the bed of a pickup truck for an hour on a cold winter night.
  2. Stupidest thing I've done... was... buy schwag. Bud's not worth doin stupid shit for?

  3. Hehehe.... Made that mistake about 7 years ago. :)
  4. bought from a complete stranger. turned out to be laced -_-

  5. Laced with what?
  6. Well, from what I've read, and from my friends experience, it sounded very much like PCP. I can definitely tell when what I'm smoking isn't weed. My friend did angel a couple times, and he said it was almost the same. I was pacing back and forth in the bathroom alone for over two hours, I was so paranoid of my friends. The crazy thing is, I only hit it three times and I was trippin.. the three of them smoked eight joints! They said they couldn't let weed go to waste, lol...

  7. The dumbest thing I ever did for weed, and I mean the dumbest thing you can wrap your mind around was time. Bloody stupid laws that make me a criminal, fair dinkum, bunch of hypocritical morons in power all around the world getting too much money under the table for them to ever want to legitimise their cut and declare the true income of prohibition. Makes me sick, I just want to throw my guts up all over the place every time I even think about how unjust the justice dealt to me by a fundamentally corrupt system was. Don't get me started on dumb, really, I go on for hours and hours about how completely and totally rediculous the persecution of pot lovers is...
  8. My dealer was trashed on 420 and was like "You have been with me for along time and always been my dawg" I was thinking,god this guy is trashed. So he said "I'll give you an ounce, IF you eat half a bowl of dog food.....I ended up doing it with buying and a ounce and getting an ounce for free.....It wasnt that bad...I had the munchies anyway.=PNo,I'm not joking....
  9. how was it? the dog food and the herb hehe
  10. The herb was krypto....usually what I always get....I hate regs..they give me a headache...The dog food wasnt that bad....I was high and had the munchies
  11. Haven't really done anything that bad only waiting for 4 days in a row,going home then coming back the next day for 4 boring days in a row waiting for it ,but was worth it at the end,a full bar of hash for us.

  12. describe how your trip was. i think ive smoked that shit too and im thinking im about to beat someones ass for selling me that shit without telling me. all i remember was that i felt like fighting and i had all this spit in my mouth like if i was about to throw up but i never did. dude what happened to you.
  13. fuck i think im about to beat my dealers ass next time i see him. his little bitch ass cousin too the one that gave me that shit.
  14. I'd eat a whole can of dogfood and lick the plate clean for an ounce (if it's decent bud). Heheh. Isn't the meat in dog food like.. a higher grade than Taco Bell meat?

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