Stupid shit you do when you're young

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  1. Well this is what happened to me today haha.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Two dumb kids get their car stuck in mud[/ame]
  2. idk what u want people on here to say.
    i agree with you. this was stupid haha i dont see the point of this.
    how did u get it out?
  3. when i was young..around 7th grade i thought it would be to a good idea to go off some jumps with my friends with our bikes and it was fun at first......until my dumb ass thought it would be a good idea to go off the jump at full speed lol annnnnnnddddd splat! i landed on the left side of my head and face (no helmet of course) and for about a week i had a very large black eye and a scratched up face but luckily my head and face healed very well and its as if it never happened :) i did have some neck pain later in the years but that healed as well and i am perfectly fine now:)

  4. Luckily I have a AAA membership (emergency road service) and they came and towed us out.
  5. When I was about 13 my brother and I were at the park by our house. We were playing basketball and he got pissed about something I did and started running off with my basketball. This pissed me off so I got on my bike and started peddling as fast as I could to catch up to him and probably fight him for my ball back. I tried to ride my bike between a corner of a fence and the end of a sewer tunnel. I completely forgot about getting pegs on my bike the day before and one peg hit the fence and the other hit the concrete over the sewer tower. I shot off the bike and fell down right by the tunnel which broke my arm, wrist, and thumb. My brother saw it all, laughed his off, and then through the ball at me. haha I would've done the same thing though to him. We always couldn't stand each other growing up, but last summer we started toking it up almost everyday together and we hang out all the time now.
  6. this happened back in elementry school, the video is older then when it was posted, im the kid kicking the barrel.

    [ame=]YouTube - camerons fall[/ame]
  7. When I was in high school I would take my moms car out without her permission (she had two cars, I did this while she was working to feed my fat ass). One day this girl I liked needed a ride home from school, and there I was to come to the rescue. As I left my house I noticed that the car would vibrate when I turned to the right and stop vibrating when turning left. Though it concerned me, I decided to ignore it because I'm an asshole. After dropping her off I headed back to my house. The shaking was getting worse with each passing mile, and I started getting seriously concerned. Finally, about 2 miles from my house, the rear left wheel flew off! It arced over the car and went into the woods. Turns out the lug nuts had fallen off and I was driving with an unsecured rim the entire time. If I had just listened to the answering machine when I had gotten home from school it wouldn't have happened. The things I'll do for females... :smoke:
  8. Get a girl pregnant
  9. Might possibly be the dumbest thing to do^

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