Stupid Shit You Did When You First Started Smoking

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  1. I remember back in high school staying at a friends house and his mom smoked a ridiculous amount of cigarettes so her cigarette machine was always on the kitchen counter. We wanted a joint but were too shitty back then at rolling so we used her roller and forgot to take all the weed out when we were done. She bitched a little when she noticed and told us we were going to make her high. I also remember at one point she said her house smelled like a marijuana factory. Good times.
  2. I used to buy grams..
  3. I used to actually combust the weed.
  4. Fronted this dude 300 bucks for an ounce
  5. Mom caught me in the back yard with an acrylic 6 footer... Had to drive it to a friends with it all out the car and shit lol..
  6. it was about 30 minutes before my family sat down to eat. i told my parents i was going outside for a little bit. I walked to a school across from my house and smoked a pretty sloppy joint i had rolled. I was pretty baked, but i came home, went to the bathroom to wash up and apply eye drops, and then sat down with my whole family to eat.

    I didnt get caught which was very surprising.
  7. The very first time me & my friend got our hands on some weed was in 8th grade, and at the time we had absolutely no means of smoking it properly. So, we called up his cousin & got step by step instructions on how to construct a pipe out of tin-foil. We succeeded, & unfortunately we continued this trend for about a year after.

    During that time I made it a hobby of mine to sit up in my room with sheets of tinfoil & attempt to make "good" pipes. Needless to say, tin-foil pipes suck & there were dozens of tin-foil pipes laying around under my bed.
  8. I used to get insane giggle episodes. Like my second time smoking I went to take a hit and just cracked up and blew all the weed out of the bowl. I felt like such an asshole. They forgave me though ha
  9. i smoked a joint rolled from fucking wrapping paper. Burnt my throat up.
  10. only bad thing i used to do was toss roaches.

    now i save them for later, and with all the roaches i tossed; it was probably about .5 - 2 grams worth :(

  11. DUDE! I did EXACTLY the same thing about a month ago, and we have this little thing in my friend group called being a 'pinner' which is basically doing stupid shit when you're high. So since it happened, i'm now called Pinner by EVERYONE at our school. no one understands how annoying this is :D
  12. me and my friend rolled a joint the wrong way round (sticky bit on the wrong side) we didnt notice and thought it just wouldnt we taped the joint shut

    melted plastic lips feels bad man
  13. Always used to keep roaches, took me about a year to realise its pointless and might as well use fresh bud.Rolled many joints with computer paper and held it together with tape.Rolled a bunch of shake joints and made one with a mighty mite in the middle to give to my buddy, I forgot which one it was and ended up not even smoking more than one of the joints untill about a year later found them and lit one up, only to have it explode..karma is a bitch lol.Also remember making a "hiss" sound when I would inhale, now the only douche I have seen do that is on this forum, blows my mind everytime I see his vids.Ahh to be young again.
  14. I thought the bowl was Cached when it just turned black.
  15. My friend(dealer) had over an ounce of regs in shake. We didn't have any smoking devices or papers so we smoked a fatass paper blunt.

    I was coughing blood, that is how harsh it was.
  16. copping dimes, what a waste of money
  17. Told strangers that i smoke weed also tried smoked weed out of paper towel and it sucked
  18. Smoking out of receipts.
  19. made a bong entirely out of copper, pvc, & plastic

  20. In grade eleven me and my buddy went to the top of a downtown parkinglot to hit some bowls, after a few we were pretty baked so my buddy spat on this bitch walking into the parkinglot and she bitched and toled him she was going to call the police, after that we just chilled cause we were pretty toasty, then in my toasteyness I sparta kicked one of those door windows with the wires on it and I got my foot stuck in the glass, we thought I cut my Akillies, but I lifted it out like a champ and I was all good... fuck wit me.


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