stupid shit stoners do

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by malu scooter, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. yeah so i do a lot of dumb things when i am high. they seem smart at the time. but its just not a good thing. actually ya it is.

    so one of the dumbest things that i have done when i am high (insert your own comment here) try and hide my stash in a place where i knew that no one but me could find it. and then fogetting where i put it. and all my firends are pacing aournd and getting all pissed off. adn then i discover it in my lava lamp. and life makes sense again.
  2. When you're in a conversatin with a couple people and someone says somthing that you want to reply to, but someone cuts in and brings the topic somewhere else, and you say what you wanted to say aobut the first topic and everyone looks at you like you're stupid.. That sux LoL
  3. I've rolled a joint and then lost it. Always find it later though.
    One time I was cleaning my room and I found a sack.. and I had NO clue where it came from or when I put it there.
    One time we were smoking on my front porch and I left a pipe out there over night. The mailman coulda saw it.
  4. Sometimes i'll be sittin here and think "maan, that's some shitty weed, din't even get me high", and then i'll realize that i'm not high because i forgot to smoke tha bowl i just packed.

  5. one stupid thing i did was try to hold a conversation with my friends mum. she asked me what i was doing after graduation, and i proceeded to tell her all of my planned summer activities.she gave me a weird look and said she meant right after graduation because everyone was going out to dinner. lol
  6. ive done a couple of stupid things. ive almost died like four times from choking on pizza. its hard to swallow wiht ur mouth so dry from cotton mouth and ur allways eatin so fast. and one time i was sittin outside and thought i was hallucinating cus i kept seein flashes of light. turns out it was lightning outside.
  7. get majorly stoned once and left a cig(use them for baccy) on the floor along with some other almost givaways luckly we we're the 1st back in
  8. I had mad munchies one time and I reached for some crackers and shoved a fistful in my mouth, only to find out that they were hot and spicy cheeze its. Not hot ot spicy when not baked, but I had a huge case of cotton mouth and they were terrible. Full of salt and slightly spicy; I drank so much water.
  9. hahaha the ultimate challenge!!!

    give some 3 packs of soup crackers. the red ones.

    tell them youll give them 100$ if they eat em all in 60 seconds.

    i swear to god, noone in the world can do this, EVER!!! its just too dry. eventually you cant swallow anymore. eat one at a time, eat all six at once, it just takes too damn long.
  10. No thats the whole point of the game. Sounds like a good idea to me.
  11. when ripped i can't focus on conversation at all. i just hear gobledigook, and then someone sooner or later asks me something or other, and with a true and utter blank expression on my face i go:



    and the other bastards just start laughing. i swear, they're doing it on purpose

  12. i did a really stupid thing one time. i was on my way home from my buddies house after blazing and i saw that someone had put a road cone ( one of those really tall ones..not really a cone) in the middle of the road. so i was driving and i was pretty high, and then i realized that i had forgot about it and i had just drove rite into it, and snapped it in half....good thing it wasnt my car
  13. I watched rush hour two and felt all kung fooey so I decided i'd do a backflip off my garage when it was open. The garage door snapped and I had a concussion. Threw up all night and all I could see was (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)
  14. I once smoked a doobie to myself and went to a used record store to find some bootlegs from a concert I went to and spent a half an hour in the shop without even seeing a record. I just walked around looking blankly at the walls of albums. No idea what I was thinking. Finally my little cousin came up to me and told me it was time to go. He asked me what I was looking for, and my response was to ask him the same thing. :p
  15. anythother couple for me were the time we forget what time it was and stayed out till 1 hour before my mate perants were gonnna wake up and crapped ourselfs trying to get home in time.

    and one is going into the train ticket office asking for a tciket then sat there while they asked me. 'is that return?' a couple of times i was just staring thru the skylite like a idiot
  16. I'll hide my stash and eventually go to sleep. When I wake up in the morning I can't find it and nearly shit myself thinking I may have left it out for the 'rents to see until I finally find it and smoke a bowl to calm myself down.
  17. Me and my friend were smoking in the dorms as usual on a Sunday. Because we were feeling brave at the time, we put on the fan as usual, but we just blew the smoke in the middle of the room and just chilled.

    About 5 minutes after us toking, the room REEKING of pot, his roommate storms in the room (he's chill with the pot) and says that HIS MOM IS COMING UP IN A FEW MINUTES!

    Me and my friend being the high geniuses we were... threw a bag of popcorn in the microwave and burned it nasty. One thing stronger than dank is burnt popcorn.
  18. That is a great idea. I never would have thought of that, even though I scorched some popcorn the other night.

    I don't have to hide it though, but still.
  19. lol one time i was eatin chips and drinkin soda and i tried to pour the soda into a glass and i didnt know wut i was doing and i poured the soda into the chips bag... and i didnt even realize it and kept eatin the chips..until i found out they were all wet!lmfao! and i tried to make a pb&j sandwhich and i put peanut butter on both pieces of bread and ate it and i didnt know there was no jelly....untill after i ate it...lmfao

  20. Oh man, you're a genius! Good save.

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