Stupid Shit Ive Done While Blowed

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Sticky_Icky_Bud, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. 1. started singing national anthem while making peanut butter sandwiches:D

    2.stared at the green light on a smoke detector for like ages:smoke:

    3.boxed while high everything was kinda slow and didnt really hurt but blew my high fast:mad:

    4.mouthed words at my teacher after blazing and coming to school;)

    5.had my sister walk in on me when i was just gettin done burnin and i like leaned like all cool like and covered up the weed with my hand i mustve looked retarded tryin to balance and look cool and shit like off the movies how the guy leans and is like wuzzup:cool:

    6.called my friends and said random shit then call em again later and ask em if i called em earlier:(

    7.started dancin and shit when music comes on and laugh at random shit like cars going by:p

    lol i miss the good ole days ever since i got arrested and get piss tested:(
  2. How did you get arrested?
  3. I used to play this game that i would sit down on my bed and name every object i saw until i couldnt keep up with my eyes or lost concentration.

    Me- "Chair! Desk! Pencil! Lamp! Door! Rug! Pillow! Cookie!---- oooo cookie i gotta eat that" *forgets game and eats cookies*
  4. lol i know this is off topic but do you know how amazing mcdonalds apple pies taste while blowed:D their like :eek: fucking amazing

    btw possession charge
  5. Haha! I've got to try that. :D

    Maybe I'll find a cookie.

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