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Stupid questions observations from newbie

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by oldertoker, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. Hello y'all...I started smoking about a month ago.  I'm 43 (yeah I'm a little late to the party) and I smoke alone, so I have no one to ask my stupid questions, except for you fine folks...thanks for bearing with me. For years I've had trouble sleeping. I was diagnosed about 5 years ago with RLS and have had to increase my medicine dosage so much that it now makes me sick to take it. A friend recommended trying herb for relief from the pain and insomnia, and it absolutely works.
    I'm finding that smoking more than once a day is a waste for me. One nice big hit from my mini-hookah provides relief, and anything after that doesn't get me feeling any better (sometimes worse, in fact). Smoking more doesn't get me back to the feeling of the first hit. Is this typical? Do you normally smoke in one session or smoke, break, repeat as desired?
    Speaking of the mini-hookah - I like it because it seems pretty efficient...the bowl is huge, but I just sprinkle some green on the screen and blaze it. I use just enough to get a good lungful, and I burn everything - there's no waste. I crush some ice in the water for a smoother smoke. This all works fine, but is there a better way for a guy who smokes alone?
    I've been smoking pretty much every day (usually just one hit in the late evenings). I'm finding that I'm pretty fuzzy throughout the next day. It's not unpleasant at all, but things that require concentration at work are a little harder. Will this get better? Can you smoke every evening and function normally every day?
    Pollen. I ground up my stash and dumped it all into a Vita-Vac. There's a shit ton of pollen in there, so much that it's getting between the lid and the jar, making it hard to open. Should I be trying to separate out the pollen? If so, is there any good use for it? I've heard of people making hash or something out of pollen but I ain't gonna do that.
    Lastly - and this is more of an observation than a question - smoking weed feels great, but if I drink 3 beers or so and then smoke...damn that's nice. :) 
    Thanks for helping out this old man.

  2. I find that when I start smoking daily or almost daily that I get a little fuzzy even when im sober. My concentration suffers a bit, I find myself a little more clumsy, zoning out a bit. Not bad at all, and I can still function and work fine, I just get a little extra spacey. I dont really have an answer, but im in the same boat.
    Also, I saw your avatar and id like to point out that im rocking to some Van Halen right now =VH=
  3. save the pollen.
  4. Try smoking out of something other than the hookah.

    My .02¢

    But most of what you said seems normal. Gotta get used to it I guess.
  5. Yeah I would eventually try to get away from the hookah, if you plan on continuing smoking your tolerance is gonna raise a bit, you'll be smoking more in a session and the hookah is gonna waste a lot. Maybe check out a headshop and take a look at their glass pipes.

    To save the pollen, also called kief, you can eventually invest in a grinder with a kief catcher. Eventually it will build up and you can top bowls with it and get bakedddd
  6. i have insomnia so before bed i pack a bowl in my glass spoon and just blaze on that until it takes over.  usually 1 bowl is enough before bed ill get tired.  thats the only time i use the spoon, if i wanna get really high i use my bong.  but for you you could get a small (or big if you prefer) glass spoon. it should do the job just fine for what you need.
  7. smoke the pollen you will thank me
  8. the pollen, is called keef.... you def want to save that, its puuuuuuuuuure thc and enough of it will get you ripped.
    and as far as feeling worse after smoking more, maybe its the quality of weed? are you sure to take out any seeds or stems you may find in your weed?
    maybe try smoking out of a regular bowl? taking some time between hits like 30 seconds to a minute?
  9. 1. Your first question makes sense to me, since I tend to get "burnt out" if I smoke too much at once or too long.  Maybe the same is happening to you.  After all, a month isn't that long to develop a tolerance.  Be glad for that, eventually you'll have to start smoking more for the same amount of relief.

    2. hookahs are nice, and efficient, but if you want something smaller, you could always just get a normal pipe.  much more portable and just as efficient.  only difference is the hits will be harsher due to the smoke not being cooled at all.  Also consider a one-hitter (the things that look like a cigarette, but they're actually a small pipe that fits one hit)

    3. The fuzziness I get, I usually negate by smoking.  but if I stop for a few days, then start smoking again, but not every day, it stops... Until I inevitably start smoking daily again and it begins happening.  But like you said, it's not unpleasant, just odd.  I think of it as a weed hangover.

    4.  Keep the pollen.  You could make hash, or just sprinkle it over weed when you're smoking.  The pollen (kief) will make it extra potent.
    Always glad to see someone who's found and enjoys smoking weed.  And I agree that having a few beers is nice with a bit of green. 
    I feel like the first high of the day is the best one.  I smoke throughout the day whenever I can/feel like.
    Whatever works for you, works for you man.  I'll always recommend looking into vaporizers though.  They're more efficient than smoking and healthier.
    I think to an extent it remains as long as you smoke, but you get better at compensating.  This is just my personal experience/opinion
    You don't have to seperate it but if you get a grinder with a kief collector, it'll do it for you.  It's used for getting you ripped!  It's basically concentrated THC.
    And trufax on the observation :smoke:
  11. Good stuff old man, welcome to the city :bongin:
    Yea, I'm definitely sharper when I haven't been smoking for a while. Smoking dulls my response time when doing things that require me to respond immediately, like arguing with my boss. Lots of times I think of something after the conversation is over, when if I hadn't been getting high all the time I would've been on point and won the argument.
    It's worth it though, I find myself compensating for the lack of good response time by mentally preparing myself for conversations with my boss, and it helps a lot. Basically, if I didn't smoke weed, I wouldn't have to try as hard but because I dull my mind a bit I have to exercise my brain a bit more.
    Cheers!! :bongin:

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