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Stupid questions about strains

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tweker, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. Ok

    Where do new new strains come from?

    Is it some sort of genetic modification or is it some natural growing weed found?

    Also, let's say a guy has smoked all strains for years and for years, if he smokes some weed, could he be able to tell what strain it is or strains doesn't do that much difference?
  2. when you have a male and female plant of different strains, if the male pollenates the female it makes a hybrid.

    and yes, i know of at least three guys who smoke so much that they can identify some different strains.
  3. New strains come from cross breeding of other strains, as far as i know. As far as being able to tell which strain is which, it is hard. There are tons of similar strains, so it really isnt a sure thing when guessing what strain you have. However, it is possible to tell whether you have an indica or a sativa strain. Hope I helped.
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  5. New strains come from breeding plants.

    Think of humans having a baby. Each parent passes of certain traits to make the baby different than the parents.

    It's the same thing with plants too.

    Each strain is unique, but they're all going to get you high.

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