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Discussion in 'General' started by Predator1, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. So Ive been smoking about a year now....and never rolled a J. usually I just buy cigars and pull the tobacco out. Theres no headshops near my house, and I dont want to have to order $2 worth of rolling papers off the internet...I want to smoke tonight, what can i use to roll?
  2. umm hey man go to ur gas station they sell packs of zig zags at least thats what they are here just ask the clerk for rolling papers:)
  3. some ramen and butter.
  4. Maeh, my gas station doesnt carry them cause of the high drug use in this kind of thinking something I could find around the house, if possible :smoke:

    Ramen is gah-ross
  5. Well some bibles are made with hemp paper. If you have one that is rip out one of the blank pages. Its the only thing I know of.
  6. Im sure God would approve of such use :smoke:

    Dont mean to be a bother, but how can you tell if the pages are hemp? And by the responses I guess you cant just use any ordinary paper?
  7. You can roll with ramen noodles? Awesome.

  8. Fuck it, time to rock out the caveman tools:

  9. Well, even though you listen to emo, I will help you (haha)

    What I've used in the past is a wrapper from like Juicy Fruit gum. You just rip off all the tin foil and go for it. It's kinda hard to get to stick (no sticky strip), but it works. If you want a real easy way to roll one, just ask.

    Hope this helps
  10. haha thats hilarious man.

    If you dont want to smoke out of a can, find some receipt paper or tear the mettalic paper off a gum wrapper...that should do it.
  11. That'd be one messy joint
  12. or use phone book paper. it tastes horrible though
  13. the paper that toliet paper is wrapped in works just as good as rolling papers
  14. ok i need to say something to people suggesting phone book paper and bible paper.... that paper is bleached. not only is it bleached but it also has ink on it. its very bad for you. id rather smoke from the can.

    and for those who say alluminum will kill you thats not true either. if it was true then we still wouldnt use it in society like we do (bakeware, foil and such). th bad part is the thin invisible plastic coating used. soda cans are bad because they have lot of that shit on them. burn it off with a torch lighter first.
  15. apples are quite convenient for the quick stealth smoke. They hit better than a can also. Just pop a whole hallf way through the apple from the top, then another whole from any side making a right triangle. Works quite well.
  16. gum wrappers the only makeshift paper ide use.. maybe bible paper but i dont think i have one in my house. ide rather make a ghetto bong outta a bottle and foil or use a can

  17. Notice he said Rip the Blank pages out of the Bible?????....yes the phone book one sounded stupid but the blank pages from the bible would'nt have any ink would they.....:confused:
  18. Glad im never in this kind of position.

    I have enough spare parts in my workshop to build a small army of safe, ghetto bongs.
  19. Yah screw all that other stuff and just go buy an apple. It pisses me off when people say that only noob smokers smoke out of apples. I think the hits taste great and they are just so convienent. Plus if you have no food you can eat it afterwards. Yes I have nice pieces and all but every once in a while I like to smoke out of an apple anyways.
  20. Fuck Roling It....bong That Dope!!!!!!!

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