Stupid Question!

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by HeemaD, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Can normal charcoal (natural from wood) be used instead of activated carbon? I know that it will leave some charcoal smell behind.
  2. i cant really help you out with that..


    ive read on here that you can use uncooked rice.

    try that.. seems safer that charcoal.
  3. HeemaD, it depends on HOW much you care for not being caught growing weed, here in Brazil its ilegal and I would mind if the uncooked rice don't filter the smell because I don't want to go to jail! (the thing here is that they assume ure a "drugdealer" even if you are only a damn user).

    So it's up to you... me myself, I think it's worth the price for maintaining a good activated charcoal filter.

    What I know in fact is that uncooked rice is good to leech humidity! We use it on the salt here, to keep it dry!

    Anyway... if you think this is worth testing, do it and keep us informed! :))

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